Here's How To Watch The 2021 BT Young Scientist Virtual Events

In light of everything, this year's exemplary competition has gone virtual. And here's how you can get involved by tuning in from home.

Now that the schools will be closed for the rest of January, we won't blame you if you're worried about how to make sure your children are still learning while at home. English, Irish, maths, and geography are easy enough subjects to cover from the kitchen table - but what about science? It's time to turn on that computer monitor and get them tuned into the BT Young Scientist.

Taking place from January 6 - 8, this year's edition of the event has gone fully virtual. This year's entry fee for competitors has been waived, meaning that there have been even more opportunities for budding young scientists to compete.

So, whether your young ones and teenagers are interested in watching science experiments, learning about their fellow students' projects, or hearing about how a vaccine is made during a pandemic - and many other topics besides - then it's time to get involved. You never know what you or your kids might learn!

This year, 550 projects were selected to compete in the BT Young Scientist, being whittled down from over 2000 initial entries. As always, this year's winners of the BT Young Scientist virtual event will be announced on the final day of the competition, Friday, January 8.

To keep up to date with this year's BT Young Scientist event, you can follow them on Twitter for updates or head to their website for all of the latest events (by clicking here).

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