The Best Late Late Toy Show Moments Through The Years

The best part about the Late Late Toy Show is the fact that it can be enjoyed by all ages. Today, we're sharing the best Late Late Toy Show moments ever.

The Late Late Toy Show is the TV highlight of the year for so many Irish families. In fact, it symbolizes the start of Christmas in many homes. It has become a yearly tradition for the whole family to snuggle up and enjoy some treats while they watch the infamous Toy Show. In recent years matching PJs have become a popular ritual too. This year’s show is set to air on Friday 27th November and we cannot wait.

The best part about the Late Late Toy Show is the fact that it can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you watch it live on the night or set it to record the next day at a more child-appropriate time, chances are you will really enjoy it. The Late Late Toy Show has so many moments of adult humour, mishaps and innuendo that will have parents belly laughing while the kids are mesmerized by the toys and talent on show.

We’ve rounded up our favourite Late Late Toy Show moments
from years gone by. I wonder what this year’s will be? Watch this space!

Toby From Wicklow Meeting Girls Aloud

Oh, we just loved Toby Kane from Wicklow on the 2013 show. Pat Kenny played the music on a little music player while young Toby gave the audience his rendition of “Jump” by Girls Aloud. In classic Toy Show fashion, Girls Aloud appeared behind Toby and began singing along with him. He looked absolutely petrified and wanted nothing to with them. It was brilliant TV!

Adam And Kayla Reunited With Their Daddy

Ryan Tubridy was balling crying and so were we when watching this Late Late Toy Show moment. Adam And Kayla had no idea that their Dad, dressed in his Defence Forces uniform, was about to appear out of a box in front of the audience. I can still hear Adam crying “Daddy” as he clung on to his father who had been based abroad. It was a beautiful moment as part of the 2017 show.

“Níl” Craic with Alex Meehan and His Tractor

Alex was an absolute tonic during the 2012 Toy Show. He pedalled on to the stage sporting a tractor that was carrying a horse teddy. He impressed us all with his Irish language skills and then stole the show with his one-word answer when Tubridy asked him “any craic”. He answered “Níl” and frantically pedalled off the stage. He was wearing a paddy hat and bright coloured glasses and we just loved him.

John Joe of 2009

Need we say more. This incredibly well-spoken young man stole our hearts when he announced that his dream was to be a horologist. With that in mind he inspected Ryan Tubridy’s watch and announced that it “is a very good Mark, I suppose”. John Joe’s wit and intelligence were far beyond his years! A total prodigy and the highlight of the Late Late Toy Show that year in our opinion.

Holy Family Junior Deaf Choir Performance in 2017

This beautiful performance touched us in a huge way. A beautiful arrangement of “true colours” performed by young children who are deaf. It stopped us in our tracks.

Lila Daramola Seeing Herself

This is so simple and yet so touching. Adorable Lila Daramola from Co. Kildare was unbelievably excited to catch herself on the screen of one of the TV cameras in the RTE studio during the live show. The innocence and excitement – sure isn’t that what it’s all about?

Mia From Blubell Gets a Big Surprise

Mia from Bluebell in Dublin lives in a crowded house and tells Ryan that this is the reason why she can’t have a dog. She lists eight people and the fact that she shares a bedroom with her cousin and her brother. At this point, Ryan tells Mia that they’re sending Mia and her family on a surprise trip to Florida so that they can all enjoy a break together. It was a lovely moment and you can tell how genuinely kind Ryan is as he interacts with Mia.

Pat Kenny Rips Up Late Late Toy Show Tickets

We’ll end on something a bit “different”. During one Late Late Show, Pat Kenny called a competition winner to tell her that she had won a shopping spree in Dublin and tickets to the Late Late Toy Show. However, she didn’t want the tickets. In this infamous moment, Pat reacted with total shock and ripped up the tickets live on air. The country were totally shocked that anyone could possibly feel “not particularly interested” in these golden tickets. She took the €10,000 shopping spree money and the tickets were re-printed and given away on Pat Kenny’s radio show the following week.

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