Baby Showers Soar In Popularity In Ireland According To Aptaclub Research has revealed that baby showers are on the rise in Ireland.

The baby shower tradition (which was once mostly associated with Americans and celebrities) involves inviting friends and family to a party celebrating your pregnancy. They are usually held during the final trimester and involve gifts, games and just general fun with your pals.

Aptaclub, an online resource for parents, surveyed over 1800 parents in Ireland about their attitudes towards baby showers. The survey revealed that baby showers are indeed on the rise in Ireland.

Apatclub found that there are now approximately 40,000 baby showers taking place in Ireland each year with most costing up to a shocking €500.

The survey also found that 64% have had a baby shower while expecting and 73% have attended a baby shower for an expectant friend.

With over 60,000 babies born in Ireland annually, Aptaclub’s research suggests that over 40,000 baby showers will take place in 2020.

93% of those surveyed who have had a baby shower did so to celebrate the pregnancy with their friends and family in a formal fashion, while the remaining 7% of those surveyed revealed that the baby shower was used as an opportunity to get gifts or ask for advice.

To highlight their findings, Aptaclub have also created an interactive showing regional results of research which you can view here.

From the map you can see that, for example, 63.8% have had a baby shower in Dublin while 76.9% have attended a baby shower.

Wicklow proved most popular when it came to baby showers, with 76.7% of parents surveyed have had a baby shower and 75% have attended a baby shower.

Speaking about the survey, Alice Keogh, Brand Manager at Aptaclub.iesaid: “Our research is the first time the lid has been lifted on baby showers in Ireland and shows just how popular a trend the celebration has become in recent years with mums-to-be. It’s fantastic to see that birth-related celebrations are rising, signalling that Irish women are really keen to make their pregnancies as memorable as possible.

The full survey results also explored most used baby shower hashtags on Instagram and the reasons why people have baby showers. For more information, visit


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