The Best Animal Documentaries To Watch On Netflix And Disney+

Earth Day 2021 is here, and so what better time to watch a beautiful documentary series than today?

Animals documentaries are our absolute favourite. Who needs fantasy and animation movies and TV shows when real-life drama and spectacle can unfold before us as we watch the goings-on in nature's wondrous animal kingdom?

Earth Day 2021 is today, Thursday, April 22, and to honour the day we've listed the top TV shows you and your family will absolutely enjoy. So, sit back and educate yourselves on wild, wild nature from every corner of the world.

Secrets Of The Whales (Disney+)

Secrets of the Wales on Disney+ launches today, diving deep into five different species of whales seen around the world. Throughout four episodes, we see how orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals and sperm whales carry out their lives under the sea. The series took three years to film, and is executive produced by Avatar creator James Cameron, and narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

Our Planet (Netflix)

Narrated by the one and only David Attenborough, Our Planet centres around how climate change is affecting our world's ecosystem. A series that certainly warrants another re-watch even if you've already seen it, each ambitious episode sprawls across a different area, informing us of how critically nature and animals are being affected by the world becoming warmer.

Magic Of Disney's Animal Kingdom (Disney+)

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a zoo or an animal park, this one is for you. This is one of Disney's animal documentaries that informs us of the ins and outs (and hilarious happenings) that goes on inside Disney's own animal park. Expect lots of memorable moments for you and your family to appreciate.

72 Cutest Animals (Netflix)

How do you measure cuteness in animals? Yep, it seems impossible because we love them all! This documentary series judges each animal in terms of cuteness level, how they behave, and what they think and do. Cuteness overload is certainly a given while everyone in the household watches this series.

Meet The Chimps (Disney+)

In Meet The Chimps, we get the honour of being introduced to nearly 300 chimpanzees who are tucked safely away in the world's largest monkey sanctuary in Louisiana. Named Chimp Haven, the 200-acre refuge houses an extraordinary group of chimps, and we'll get to see what sorts of mayhem and mischief our animal cousins get up to daily.

Absurd! Planet (Netflix)

If oddball animal documentaries is what you're into, then Absurd! Planet is the series for you. Taking a rather alternative look into the lives of wild animals, this "behind-the-scenes" Netflix series in a tongue-in-cheek and goofy look at what animals across the globe get up to on the daily; the parts that you might not have seen before, all narrated by Mother Nature herself.

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