Michelle Obama Will Star In A New Children's Series For Netflix

Waffles + Mochi is expected to launch on Netflix this March.

An educational children's show all about healthy eating is coming to Netflix very soon. Oh, and it stars Michelle Obama with a couple of puppet pals. Here's everything we know about Waffles + Mochi.

Now this is a TV show we're all looking forward to watching - even if it is supposed to be for kids. Produced by and starring the former First Lady of America, the show will see Michelle talk about healthy eating in a fun and cheerful way.

The cute 10-episode food series will see two best-friend puppets team up with Michelle, who will play a supermarket owner, in order to become the best chefs possible.

Using their magical flying shopping cart as their guide, Waffles and Mochi will blast off on global ingredient missions. They'll travel to kitchens, restaurants, farms and homes all over the world, cooking up recipes with everyday ingredients alongside renowned chefs, home cooks, kids and celebrities.

Michelle Obama having some fun with food on Waffles + Mochi

Not only is Michelle executive producing the series, but so is her husband, former US President Barack Obama. Will he be making a special appearance? We'll have to tune in and see.

Michelle Obama has always been an advocate for healthy living. While she was First Lady of America, she launched the Let's Move campaign in America, which focussed on helping parents make healthier choices for their children. The movement was put in place to help lower the growing number of children with obesity in the country.

Waffles + Mochi is expected to be available to stream on Netflix from March 16.


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