77% Of Parents Feel Technology Impacts Their Children's Well-being

With technology and mental health ranking as the top reasons why parents feel worried.

A parenting survey in Northern Ireland has revealed that 77% of parents surveyed feel that technology impacts their children's well-being. The Big Parenting Survey was conducted by charity ParentingNI following the success of their first survey last year.

"Parenting NI firmly believes that the best and most effective way to support children is by supporting those who parent them"

As part of the survey over 1300 parents were asked about their experiences in a number of different areas that affect their parenting journey. 82% of those surveyed felt that they do not have enough support available to them. This was a similar figure to last year's survey.

According Charlene Brooks, CEO of ParentingNI

"Everyone with the power to help improve the lives of parents – educators, policy makers, businesses and political representatives to name a few – should carefully consider the findings and use them as a blueprint to make Northern Ireland a better place to be a parent"

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With technology and mental health ranking as the top reasons why parents feel worried.

ParentingNI decided to focus on technology as part of this year's survey due to the overwhelming results in this department in last year's survey. While 77% of those surveyed felt that technology had an impact on their children's mental health, 70% felt that technology was difficult to monitor.

However, it is undeniable that the findings also pointed at the importance of technology and how useful it can be. When asked about how parents obtain support in their lives 40% said online support and web chats. This points at the need for education in terms of how parents can help support their children in how they access and use technology as we know how much we rely on it in modern day living.

When asked if parents were more hopeful or worried about the future 69% of those surveyed said worried. With technology and mental health ranking as the top reasons why parents feel worried, it is evident that these are areas that parents require more support in. This is the entire purpose of the survey. It is hoped that decision makers will use the findings to help shape their procedures and supports. This could relate to employment, child-care or health care to name but a few.

Parenting NI established in 1979, as the Parents Advice Centre, provides free support for parents across Northern Ireland. Parenting NI Freephone Helpline and other regional services, initially delivered by volunteers and now by trained staff, has helped thousands of parents, grandparents and others in a parenting role for over 4 decades.

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