How To Pretend Your Home Is Tidy When Visitors Come

Christmas is a busy time with lots of visitors popping by with very little notice given. Here's how you can pretend your home is tidy when they arrive.

Over the Christmas season, you will have lots of visitors and some will arrive with an hours’ notice (or less) which may cause you to panic as the windows are dirty and the kids have the sitting room like a bomb hit it. If you can't spend hours cleaning the house, how do you at least pretend your home is tidy?

We have you covered with some simple, yet effective tips for cleaning the house in minutes to make sure it looks sparkling for when your guests turn up at the door full of Christmas cheer!

Here are tips on how to pretend your home is tidy when visitors come:

  1. Do the quick wipe down.

    The kitchen counters may look cluttered and dirty, but it takes minutes to do a clean down and tidy up. Empty rubbish if it is needed, remove empty cartons from the counters and put dishes in the dishwasher. A spritz of kitchen spray should get the right smell going and that’s it!

  2. Check the bathroom.

    You could forget it but make sure you run in and check the bathroom area is clean. Wipe down the sink with a cloth and fill up the toilet rolls/soap if needed. Fix the rugs on the floor, tidy bottles away and hey presto, it is done! If you have time, give the mirror a quick wipe.  How To Pretend Your Home Is Tidy When Visitors Come

  3. The little bits.

    Make sure you have fresh hand towels in the bathroom and the same for the kitchen, so people won’t have to go looking for them. Take out the tea towels before guests arrive and have them handy. This way, your guest won’t need to go looking if they want to help put away dishes after drinks or food. Grab the tins of biscuits and have them on the table and start with cups and tea bags as required. 

  4. Hide stuff.

    This may seem ridiculous but popping things under the stairs, into cupboards and wardrobes may be the best chance to look like you have the house spotless. Of course, this only works if they don’t go looking for things so that’s why it is vital to have everything they need at hand. If you need serving bowls, take them out before guests arrive. Have everything out on the counter ready and consider what you’ll use so no one needs to go digging around and see the insides of your cupboards!

  5. Kids toys away.

    There is no time to waste, so grab the kids and get them to box up all their toys swiftly and pop them into a storage box. You should have some of these and if you don’t try and hide everything behind the sofa until it starts bulging! If the kids don’t want to help, try and bribe them with a biscuit so they’ll do a quick tidy. Remember to put remote controls straight on tables, plump cushions and pick up rubbish that may be around. 

Finally, scented candles and some festive decorations always make the right impression And if it doesn’t go to plan, who cares? Remember, they are coming to see you! Though you may like to be house proud and want to spend hours cleaning the house, we are all in the same boat with the madness of Christmas – embrace it! 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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