Why Your Bathroom Is Messy And How To Fix It

The bathroom is one of the places in the home that everyone hates to clean and tidy.

Messy bathrooms can happen easily and the kids think nothing of throwing towels onto the floor, leaving the bath full of toys and spitting toothpaste everywhere except the sink (and that’s not even mentioning the toilet bowl).

There may be many reasons why your bathroom is messy, regardless of having a fully tiled and shiny bathroom to start with.

Here are some reasons why your bathroom is a mess and how to fix it:

It’s messy and disorganised.

When you have kids in the house, it is easier to have a simple bathroom with little trinkets to keep things tidy. Messy is when the kids have towels on the floor or don’t fill the toilet roll holder, etc. Disorganised is when you have bits everywhere and the bathroom makes no sense.

You may not have any storage, leading to piles of shampoos, conditioners and shower gels everywhere. Fix this by doing a bathroom itinerary and considering what kind of storage you need without breaking the bank!

Dirty sink and toilet bowl. 

Unfortunately, there is no getting away from cleaning the bathroom. The sinks and toilets won’t stay shiny if you aren’t looking after them so getting the bleach and the bathroom spray out is key to keeping the bathroom clean. It literally takes two minutes and you could ask the kids to rinse down the sink after they brush their teeth. They may not do it but keep reminding them and one day they might surprise you!

Why Your Bathroom Is Messy And How To Fix It
The sinks and toilets won’t stay shiny if you aren’t looking after them so getting the bleach and the bathroom spray is key to keeping the bathroom clean.

Storage issues. 

A messy bathroom can be made a whole lot tidier with some simple containers to pop makeup or other bathroom bits into. These could be big or small containers depending on the space and smaller containers make messy cupboards more organised as well.

Baskets are ideal for putting towels and other toiletries away and they are cost-effective - so if you can’t invest in expensive bathroom cupboards and custom-built storage, baskets are a nice option.

A few shelves can look well too with some colourful rolled up towels for the "hotel look," though they will end up messy once the kids go to take a bath!

Buy a laundry basket and teach the kids to pop their stuff in them when they are finished in the bathroom as it will save all the towels ending up on the floor.

As mentioned, shelves are handy in the bathroom and if you want to have some ornaments or candles in your bathroom, a high shelf might work well. This way the kids can’t mess with them and you can light candles without compromising on their safety.

Hooks are good for hanging bathrobes and other bits like face cloths, etc. 

Slippy and dirty floors. 

Bathmats can be a help or a hindrance. It can drive some people mad when they are kicked around the floor but without them, the water could damage your floor.

Best to have a bathmat and one around the sink and loo if you like. Another tip is to have two sets - one on and one off so you can simply wash one while the bathroom still looks tidy. 

Bathroom smells! 

Buy an air freshener that you can stick to the wall and releases a fragrance every hour or so. Light candles when you are at home and add potpourri to the shelves with a lovely essential oil that you love. Get rid of damp towels and pop them downstairs instead of leaving them in the bathroom. 


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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