This Mum Has Gone Viral After Revealing Parenting Hack To Get Kids To Do Chores

Could this mum have come up with the best strategy to get her kids to do chores?

We've all been there. We've laughed, we've cried, we've begged, we've bribed - all in an attempt to get our kids to regularly do some chores and clean up after themselves. At times, it can be extremely difficult for some families to find a system that suits them and encourages their kids to do their chores without the constant battle.

However, this mum may have found the answer. Mum-of-three Shelley Kozyra shared this hack on Facebook and has since gone viral.

She created her own 'reward chart', simply using a whiteboard and some cheap containers. It's neat, colourful, easy to follow and super easy to make.

This Mum Has Gone Viral After Revealing Parenting Hack To Get Kids To Do Chores
Facebook / Shelly Kozyra

It works as follows:

The whiteboard has a list of House Rules and House Chores on one side, with sections and little buckets for each of her children.

Each chore earns the child a "happy token" which can then be exchanged for rewards such as days out and special treats.

To earn a token, the kids must follow the house rules, complete two chores per day as well as an extra two per week of their choice.

We think this is a fabulous solution as it allows the child to have some choice over their chores as well as their rewards. This means you don't have to constantly tell them what to do while also getting some housework done. Win-win!

Shelley explained,

"Full-time work and being mum to my beautiful three little ones Mr 7, Mr 5 and Miss 2 is busy and need all the help we can get."

"Aim is to work towards a number of tokens that they put in the buckets and trade-in for something they would really like."


Will you be trying this out?


Sophie Gavin

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