How To Keep Your Garden In Good Condition During Autumn

Autumn is here and with the new season comes a lot of changes to your garden.

For green-fingered types, the change in seasons is welcomed but for others, it is a time where they would rather not have to worry about the garden and keeping it in good conditionn.

Luckily, we have some experience in keeping gardens up to spec. Here are some tips on keeping your garden in good condition during the autumn months so that it won't look a mess come springtime!

Give the grass one last cut and cut down the hedges or trees.

Make the grass look great by giving it one last good cut, setting it up nicely for the autumn and in turn, winter. Garden hedges will also need a trim as well as trees if you haven’t done them already.

Once the cold weather hits it may be impossible to get out and do it so the earlier the better – especially before October/November months. This makes the springtime easier as most of the work has been done. Finally, de-weed and sweep up what’s left afterwards.

Don’t forget the birds.

Once the colder months come, the birds can struggle to get the food they need, so prepare an area for them to eat and drink if you like watching birds in your garden.

Birdbaths, feeders and little houses will be welcomed by the birds around your area and it is a nice way to ensure they are looked after during the months ahead. It may not seem that important a task, but it matters to wildlife. 

Autumn leaves in the grass
With the new season comes lots of changes to your garden.

Repair anything that needs fixing and tidy up.

Now is the time to repair things that may be broken or in need of some maintenance. Check the garden fences, look at the gates and make sure things that are broken are thrown away. If you can, get a skip and get rid of things that won’t be used again.

Sweep the patio down and clean decking areas so they are clear. Although you may need to keep them swept in the months ahead, it is always good to get a head start!

Put garden furniture and playthings away.

It is sad, but you will need to pop away the garden furniture to keep it in good condition for next year. The same goes for some outdoor toys that your children play with and by putting them away now rather than later, you are saving them being damaged in the bad weather. Don’t forget the BBQ and other things you used during the summer. 

Lock up the shed.

The shed is a hive of activity in the summer but not so much for the autumn and winter months, so once you have everything put away properly, lock it up.

You should make sure that it is left as tidy as possible and if you have tools in it ensure they are easily to hand in case of an emergency.

Most importantly, make sure there is a clear and safe walkway to the shed that isn’t slippy or dangerous in the cold autumn nights of extreme weather.  

Now you are sorted for the months ahead! 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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