Healthy Frozen Banana And Fruit Pops

This is the perfect healthy summer snack.

We love finding new and exciting family food ideas to share with you. Even better when those ideas are healthy. Snacks have never been more important than they are these days. The last couple of months have involved a lot of time at home and an endless supply of snacks as a result. These healthy frozen banana and fruit pops are the perfect healthy summer snack.

We discovered this recipe on hello yummy and instantly became excited. We had the ingredients to hand, it looked easy and we were sure that it was going to be a winner with the kids. It's perfectly sweet, dotted with colours and lasts long enough to allow you to enjoy a coffee in peace.

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Frozen Banana Fruit and Yogurt on a Stick 🍌🍓🥝 a refreshing and healthy treat! . Made these a while back with delicious @aloveyogurt so yummy! . Link in profile for the recipe or here is the URL: . SAVE this idea for later and follow us ​@helloyummy_co​ for more kid friendly foods ​#helloyummyeats​ . . . . . . #aloveyogurt #aloevera #yogurt #cutefood #cutefoodforkids #cutefoods #healthykidsfood #healthykidsmeals #kidsnacks #kidssnacks #kiddish #easyhealthykids #healthysnacks #healthysnack #rainbowfish #foodart #foodartist #kidsfood #kidsfoodart #kidfood #kidfoodideas #kidsfoodblogger #frozenbanana #frozenbanana #easyhealthykids #easyhealthymeals #toddlerfoodideas #toddlerfood #preschoolfood #yogurt #eattherainbow

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Bananas are naturally sweet in flavour. They tend to be a big hit among children for this reason. Simply freezing the banana is an exciting way for children to enjoy the everyday fruit. Adding a layer of yoghurt then gives the frozen banana an ice-cream type texture. The little pieces of extra fruit almost become sprinkles.

You can make these healthy frozen banana and fruit pops using any kind of yoghurt which makes it a great option for Vegans too. We've tried sweetened yoghurts, plain yoghurts and plant based yoghurts. It is incredibly versatile. It also happens to be a brilliant teething solution for toddlers. Simply cut a banana in half, add a lolly pop stick, dip it in to any kind of yoghurt, add some fruit and freeze. Trust us, this is a total winner!

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