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We are always trying to shake things up in the lunch department. I don't know about you but our kids tend to request the same food every single day. As it turns out, presenting the food in an interesting way definitely makes them curious. We never thought our children would entertain smoked salmon but here we are. 

This smoked salmon roll-up is ideal as a lunch or snack at any time of the day. It's soft in texture, has a delicate flavour and the combination of fluffy wrap, silky salmon and smoothe cream cheese is a total winner. You can alternate the salmon for a different meat or swap entirely for something like avocado or hummus. If so, you can check out our tutorial on how to make homemade hummus, if you like.

Everything you need for our beautiful smoked salmon recipe
Everything you need for our beautiful smoked salmon recipe.


Time needed: 2 minutes.

  1. Put cream cheese and smoked salmon into a wrap.

  2. Flavour the salmon slice with chives and lemon juice.

  3. Roll up the wrap and chop into pieces (like sushi!)

  4. Add healthy fruit and veg (such as cucumbers, tomatoes & grapes) to the side.

You could have some fun with this recipe and mix things up. Add some spinach, cucumber or tomatoes depending on your little one's preferences. Or why not add a little sweetcorn for a little pop of color and sweetness in flavour? 

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Delicious Irish smoked salmon
Irish waters contain the highest quality of smoked salmon in the world.

The beauty of this dish is the way it appeals visually. We tend to eat with our eyes and to our surprise children are much the same. Who new that slicing up a wrap could make such a difference? 

We hope your little one enjoys these roll-ups as much as ours did. And a little word of warning - make an extra one because you are totally going to want to get involved with this one. They're delicious! 

Our tasty salmon recipe in a lunchbox
Our delicious smoked salmon recipe is perfect for a packed lunch too!

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