Difficulty Easy Prep 3m Serves 1 Cost € 1.50

Our kids are absolute snacking machines and it can be difficult to keep things exciting in that department. We want them to turn to wholesome snacks so that they are fuelled with healthy food, but we want it to be delicious too.

Trail mix is a brilliant snack for the whole family. It's brilliant for picnics, packed lunches and for snacking in the car or while watching a bit of TV. It is a really popular option for adults and children.

The best part about trail mix is the mixture of flavours, textures and food groups. One mouthful can bring you salty, crunchy, soft and sweet at the very same time. Now that's exciting snacking. 


Time needed: 3 minutes.

  1. Create your trail mix.

    Mix up some dried fruit, popcorn, chopped up dates, multigrain cereal, and salted pretzels with cinnamon.

  2. Create your side.

    Chop up some carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers as dipping sticks for hummus. Add a handful of blueberries too for an extra 1 of your 5-a-day.

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All the ingredients you need for our Nut-free Trail Mix
All the ingredients you need for our Nut-Free Trail Mix Recipe
(Photo: Family Friendly HQ/Packed.House)

We love how easy this recipe is. It involves no cooking and can be adapted to suit different flavour preferences. You really can just use the things you have to hand. Don't have dates? Add raisins. Don't have pretzels? Throw in a little granola. Trail mix is all about variety. 

Our Nut-free Trail Mix recipe in a packed lunchbox
Our Nut-Free Trail Mix recipe is perfect as a packed lunch too!
(Photo: Family Friendly HQ/Packed.House)

This trail mix recipe includes no nuts, is ready in minutes and is a great one to prepare in bulk for a week of snacking. Enjoy!

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