Healthy Versions Of That New Wrap Hack To Inspire You

Although it's nice to treat yourself every now and again (and again!), this January we're trying to be EXTRA good by eating as clean as we can. And no, it's not a new year's resolution if that's what you're thinking - it's more of a new lifestyle choice we're trying to be more aware of.

By now, we've all seen that new wrap hack that is taking over the internet this January. And while they all look so delicious, not all of those recipes are very healthy.

But if you've missed this new food trend, here's what you have to do. Get yourself a regular round wrap of your choice, place it on a flat surface, and imagine it is split into four quarters, putting a different ingredient in each quarter. Then, you use a knife or a pizza cutter to cut the wrap, separating the bottom two quarters, up until halfway. Then you fold each segment into each other until it creates a wrap in the shape of a pocket. Finally, you can toast your new creation to make it extra yummy.

If you're like us, and you're looking for some new and inspiring ways to try and eat a bit healthier, then here are some alternatives to this new must-try trend which we've spotted online. They all look mighty tasty and are so easy to make.

Start the day right with a breakfast wrap to go with your morning coffee. This version has one fried egg with spinach and avocado, with a slice of cheese. Yummy!

If a plant-based recipe is what you're looking for, we recommend checking out Samira Kazan AKA alphafoodie on Instagram. This za'atar, cheese, spinach and chilli sauce recipe sounds incredible. Samira has loads more ideas for this recipe over on her food blog.

Or maybe this wrap hack from My healthy(iiiish) eats on Instagram with halloumi, pesto, carrots and scallions with avocado. Now this one we really want to try - look how inviting it is.

Another plant-based alternative wrap hack can be this lovely mushroom version, which requires a little bit of prep beforehand. First, you have to sautee the mushrooms, then you build.

A great one for lunch or lunchboxes the next day is this tasty chicken wrap. If you're trying to be extra healthy, or don't want any dairy, why not substitute the grated cheese for cottage cheese or a lactose/dairy-free version.

These are just some videos you can use as inspiration for this viral wrap hack. Why not go rogue and make your own healthy creation? Switch it up by using a gluten-free wrap, or by using leftovers from the night before. The possibilities are endless.

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