6 reasons to love January

It's the month with the worst reputation but it does have it's redeeming factors too

Who doesn’t shudder the night before going back to work after Christmas? Or any holiday? The Glenroe Blues (ask anyone living in  Ireland in the eighties) as my friend dubs it, are alive and well in 2017.
So in attempt to shake it off...aren’t we glad of the following:
  • The Official End to The Savaging. Suddenly an auld ham sandwich  (processed!  Sliced! Wafer thin!)has just regained it’s sex appeal. Not a clove in sight.
  • Routine. Sure isn’t it great to have a routine back. As they say. Well, we can pretend.
  • Alcohol holiday. We can take a new holiday. One that doesn’t require hangover-y drinks. A tea holiday.
  • Telly. New series of everything starts in January. Now just to pray something can replace Downton. Or Mr Selfridge. Fingers crossed. ..
  • Spring Cleaning. Isn’t it great to be rid of the dust and dirt.
  • ...am all out.
So as you can see, the reasons to be glad to be back at work are weak and futile. I feel like Jack holding onto the iceberg, (twenty years ago doncha know) - out to sea. ‘A few days in and it is like you never left’ as they say (‘they’ I find to be an obnoxious group who have too much to say). This means, it sucks.
Roll on Easter folks! 
Written by Orla, who is in her thirties (much to her disbelief), married to a handsome farmer and they have two beautiful little girls. She blogs at www.fancypaperblog.wordpress.com where you can visit to read her other musings!

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