Family Cooking Tips With Mister Dish

Karol Daly (Mister Dish) and his wife Gina (The Daly Dish) love enjoying "bold food" in a healthier way.

We have been running a variety of helpful Instagram takeovers in recent weeks. As part of these takeovers we were lucky enough to welcome Mister Dish to our account. Mister Dish is known for his mouth-watering food images on Instagram. We regularly scroll through his feed screenshotting recipes that we just have to try.

For Karol Daly (Mister Dish on Instagram) cooking together is an important part of family life. In fact, it's a total priority. In Karol's words

"we love bold food. Our inspiration for cooking is the kind of food you want to eat all the time. So the burgers and the big pizzas. Really indulgent dishes. We try and make them healthier by making them from scratch"

Make Their Favourite Food The Healthier Way

Like many children Karol's children love chicken goujons and chips. Through his "Mister Dish" Instagram account we regularly see his son and daughter giving the dishes the all-important taste test. And why wouldn't they? He's making food that kids love, but with a healthier twist. Instead of frozen store-bought chicken goujons he shows us how to recreate them at home in a matter of minutes. He simply cuts chicken fillets in to strips, dips them in to egg and then in to panko breadcrumbs before cooking them in the air fryer. He adds a little bit of lemon pepper to "give them a bit of zing" and they look incredible.

"There is so much convenience food out there at the moment. Processed stuff aimed at kids. I try to make sure our kids eat healthy dinners. There is a balance there. The main thing is to make food from scratch and to give them healthier options"

Make Staples Exciting

Beans on toast is an easy and inexpensive lunch or dinner. It is a firm favourite among many children. Mister Dish showed us a brilliant way to take them up a notch and suddenly we found ourselves with an incredibly delicious lunch that looked (and tasted) the part but took only minutes to prepare. He simply adds a tin of beans to a pot, throws in some curry powder, a handful of grated cheese and some spinach. The Spinach wilted and was virtually invisible (a win win for parents who want their children to eat more vegetables) and after a minute or two of heating through we were left with cheesy curry beans which we can confirm (we've made them three times since his takeover) are UNREAL.

Make Cooking A Family Affair

" We like to make an event of cooking sometimes. Involve the kids and let them come in to the kitchen, get involved and have a bit of fun. We know that families have busy lives with work but it's nice to enjoy some time together. What better time than when you are cooking the dinner "

Pick Up An Air Fryer

If you follow Karol and his wife Gina you'll know how much their air fryer is used. It's a fantastic way to achieve the kind of crispy texture that is typically associated with greasy deep-fried food. Air fryers are a brilliant addition to the family kitchen and a great way to make homemade chips, goujons and burgers. Food that the family will eat and enjoy but without the unhealthy fats and cooking methods.

Buy Their Book

We've added this part ourselves, but Karol and his wife Gina have recently published a cookbook which is full to the brim of delicious family food. It's a guide to "bold food made healthy" and you can read more about it here.

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