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6 ways sports benefits your child

6 ways sports benefits your child

6 ways sports benefits your child
You can never underestimate the importance of your child taking part in sports as not only does it encourage a healthier lifestyle but it also builds your child’s confidence greatly.
There are so many good reasons to get your child involved in sports even if your kiddie isn’t overly bothered with a certain activity but the whole experience will encourage a good level of self-confidence.
  • Team building and bonding- Team building is vitally important and having a group of self-minded people around your child will do wonders for their confidence. Bonding over team sports means your kiddie will always feel a part of something and even if they aren’t the best they will know that each person within a team or club is paramount to doing well and going forward.
  • Socialising and making friends- Of course, your kiddie will have pals in school but often parents note how it is nice when your child has numerous friends in whatever they do or wherever they go. A child with many pals will never feel lonely and at least if your kid has a bad day at school they can escape to their after-school sport and mix with their pals there. 
  • Builds independence and resilience- A kiddie who is taking part in any sport will have to learn how to manage their belongings and how to change/clean themselves after games or matches. While they may not always do it well they will learn eventually. Your kid will rarely complain as been a part of a team means getting through everything together and their resilience to knocks will grow massively.  
  • Gives your kiddie personal and team goals- Everyone needs a personal goal while wanting to achieve something. In your kiddie’s case it may be that they want to play as a striker or run a lap in a certain amount of time and having these ambitions is great for your kid. As a team, they will want to achieve great things together and once again your child will reach for the sky and grow in confidence. 
  • Exercise reduces stress and anxiety- Nothing builds confidence in a child when they are de-stressed and less anxious. Exercise releases stress from the body and while playing in team sports, it promotes a good healthy eating ethic. A kid that isn’t as stressed or worried will grow in confidence and feel better about themselves. A healthy mind is a healthy body after all. 
  • Constant praise from the team, mentors and supporters- Once your kiddie is playing sports they will be given constant praise and support from you, other parents, supporters, their teammates and of course their mentors/coaches. It gives your child a chance to be a part of a team and feel important when they may feel silly at school. It gives your child a chance to shine at something that isn’t related to education or school.
Sports allows a child to escape the mundane tasks of homework or schoolwork and they will use exercise to relax after a long day of lessons. 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ