Why Music Is Important For Your Child's Development

Toddlers and children can really improve their brain function in lots of ways from listening to music regularly. 

Listening to music can be a relaxing and pleasant activity for you and your toddler to do together, but did you know all the benefits it holds for your little one also? Toddlers and children can really improve their brain function in lots of ways from listening to music regularly.   

In fact, according to a 2016 study by the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute, musical experience accelerates brain development especially in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. But that’s not all. Many experts believe music has a positive effect on a baby’s development in the womb and helps them to bond with their mums before they are even born.  

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1. Cognitive Skills

It is believed that listening to music regularly from a young age can help develop your child’s cognitive skills. Listening to music with lyrics can seriously improve their language skills exposing them to new words and helping their pronunciation. It also plays a big role in developing their memory as they are constantly hearing and repeating new songs and lyrics. and The melodic patterns and sequences play tribute to your child being able to recognise these in alternative ways.  

2. Motor Skills

Although music has its benefits to your child mentally it can also help them with their physical capability. Due to your little one being able to recognise a beat and rhythm in a song they will more than likely begin to explore dance while listening to music. Dancing is a great way for your child to help develop and strengthen their muscles as well as being a great way to help them to express themselves too.  

3. Sleep  

Music can help improve your child’s sleep while also helping to stimulate their brain. If you introduce relaxing music as part of your son or daughter's bedtime routine this will calm their nervous system making their breathing and heart rate slow down. This will help them to fall asleep a lot easier.  

4. The Mozart Effect

Doctor Gordon Shaw developed The Mozart Effect, a theory based on the effects of listening to classical music has on improving your intelligence. It is said that if you open up your child’s ears to baroque music such as Mozart, Bach and Handel it can keep their brain healthy and functioning correctly.   

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