Family Yoga: How And Why To Yoga With The Family

Without fail, every time I practice yoga at home, one or both of my kids ends up doing mountain pose beside me at some stage. What was meant to be a chance for me to catch a breather, some time on my own to centre my body and mind, unfailingly becomes a family activity.

In the beginning, I would be mildly irritated that my audience joined me on stage to share the one yoga mat that can ordinarily be found under my bed. But it didn’t take long for me to see the benefits of having two giggling girls stretching and breathing with me. Yoga is not always a solitary effort and when it becomes dedicated family time, we all reap the rewards by the time we pause in child’s pose.

For kids, yoga encourages them to learn about discipline and responsibility, it helps them to manage stress and any anxiousness, they learn to be present and to feel peaceful and relaxed. On top of that, yoga helps them to keep their flexibility and strengthen their growing bodies. Undeniably, the physical and emotional benefits of yoga are fantastic.

Practising yoga with our kids couldn’t be easier and doesn’t have to come at any cost. With a mountain of YouTube videos and yoga gurus online, you can easily drop in on a lesson or take a session at your own pace with your kids.

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How To Practice Yoga With Your Kids

Practice With The Kids Around

Don’t be afraid to practice with the kids around. It’s often a case of monkey see monkey do when it comes to instilling curiosity and love for our hobbies in our kids. So take to the mat and eventually you may find they will join you.

Keep It Fun

Yoga does not have to be perfect. My kids love it when they fall over on each other, but they really do try to maintain their balance. Laugh, choose poses together, listen to music, and even play some yoga-inspired games.

Practice Anywhere

In the summer, take to the garden. In the winter, push the sofa back and give yourselves room to stretch out. Yoga can be practised absolutely anywhere.

Keep It Simple

To encourage your kids to continue with yoga, keep it simple in the beginning. Start with poses they will master quickly and slowly move on as you all develop your strength and flexibility.

Stay In The Moment

Yoga builds a connection between our minds and our bodies. When we are in the present and mindful of our surroundings, we connect with ourselves, giving us a greater awareness of ourselves and building on our self-confidence.

Give it a go. Share your yoga mat with the kids!

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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