Everything You Need To Know About An Organised Fridge And Freezer

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep awell organised fridge and freezer and it is one of those jobs most people hate doing for obvious reasons

Luckily, we have you covered with some tips about having a really well organised fridge and freezer to make your days a little easier.

Clean before you fill

This is a basic tip for an organised fridge and freezer - simply clean it before you do the weekly shop. Empty out the shelves and give them a quick wipe, check dates on food and move items to make room for new food. When you do come home with the shopping, make sure you rotate items and pop the new stuff in the back, so it is used last.

Fruit and veg in the drawers

The drawers in your fridge are usually perfect for fruit and vegetables and it makes it easy for you to see what you may need to buy. Check the temperatures and your fridge guidelines before placing the fruit and veg in the relevant drawers for less disorganisation. Having an organised fridge and freezer will lessen food waste as there will be more organisation so you might plan dinners around what is in the fridge instead of buying items for the sake of it. A disorganised fridge/freezer will mean forgetting some food and not sticking to your meal planner.

Know where the coldest part of the fridge is

For an organised fridge and freezer, everyone should know where to put their meat as this is the food that will go off easily if it is not stored properly. Pop the meat into the coldest part of your fridge and ensure it has room to sit and be cold too! Other items to keep on the coldest shelf of a fridge are milk and dairy products as again they go off easily. In the freezer, they usually are cold throughout but pay attention to the drawers and place things in slots to keep it organised. Keep meat together, label items and place other frozen foods in similar categories so everything is easy at hand.

Don’t forget the fridge door

The fridge door is an ideal spot for popping the milk, juice and other sauces, and jams. It makes it nice and easy to keep everything that is used often in the door so that the kids can grab things too. Teach the kids to put things away properly and show them around the fridge so they know where to get juice, milk or jam. While the kids may not use the freezer, it is good to tell them where things go even if it is just the ice pops.

Have a section for the nearly gone off foods

It seems silly but for an organised fridge and freezer, having an area where you place the food that is coming to its ‘end of date’ will help make sure nothing goes to waste. It also stops the fridge or freezer filling up with rotten food that is a nightmare to cleanout. Group items together like chocolate in the fridge (if you keep it in the fridge) and stick to where you put things, so all the family can get used to it.

Finally, for a super organised fridge and freezer, give it a quick wipe every few days so it doesn’t build up with dirt and move things around as the fridge/freezer empties throughout the week.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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