The truths about the secondary parent teacher meeting!

We have you covered with some truths about the parent teacher meeting in secondary school and they are listed here

If it is your first time doing the secondary school meeting you can be forgiven for not having a clue at what to expect from it. You will have lots of questions and may be apprehensive at the thoughts of your child not doing well but there is no need to panic.
We have you covered with some truths about the parent teacher meeting in secondary school and they are listed here for our sheer merriment!
  • It is madness- It is madness! If it starts at 4pm most people will arrive early and begin to queue. Does this help? No idea but they do say the early bird catches the worm. You need to be ahead of the pack and watch out for the person who jumps the queue – there is always one!
  • It is like a conveyor belt system- The speedy teachers will be whirling parents in and out like McDonalds on National Hamburger Day! It will go like this “Hi I am…” before they interrupt asking your child’s name as they quite obviously couldn’t give a s*&t about your own name. They will look at their list and say Yey or Nay… before uttering ‘NEXT please’!
  • There may be long queues- Unavoidable I am afraid, but you can beat the slump by bringing a book – this way you don’t get stuck talking to other mums and dads because you know yourself you may not be in the mood for gushing over kids!  
  • You will get lost- You’ll have a map and there will be students helping you along the way but inevitably you will get lost and that is perfectly fine. Plan your route as well as you can and be strategic about it, planning the best direction that even Columbus would be proud of.
  • There is always that *one parent who asks everything about their child- You know the parent who wants to know EVERYTHING about their child and is going on and on as the queue builds to a grinding halt. Then, even worse you only get 30 seconds with your kid’s teacher because the other dummy spent half an hour chatting. GRRR!
  • You’ll be dying for the loo at the end of it- You will, and you will not want to stop for the loo while mid-queueing and who knows if Sylvia will keep your place as she looks normal but also quite scary!
  • There will be the teacher you don’t like- It will probably be the one your kid doesn’t like as whether you like it or not you will let it effect your judgement.
  • But there will also be the teacher you love- It will probably be the one that is terribly happy and smiling like a Cheshire cat though they haven’t seen the light of day in hours.
  • Overall, you’ll need a drink afterwards! Order a takeaway and pour yourself a well earned tipple! Don’t forget to get your kid a little something if they get glowing feedback! Gin for you and chocolate for your teenager! #Winning (Just my advice!)
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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