The Do's and Don'ts of the School Debs.

Debutante balls are well in season and so many young people getting ready for one of the best nights of their lives (hopefully)

Debutante ball is in season and there will be many young people getting ready for what will be one of the best nights of their lives (hopefully).
The debs is the last time the new college students will socialise with their former classmates and is the chance to say goodbye and good luck. It is only right that the debs should be an incredible night however there are things that can go wrong so here at Family Friendly HQ we have put together a list of do's and don’ts to prepare for the glittering ball.
  • Plan your outfit and make sure it is comfortable, obviously lads have it a little easier but they should still ensure they can move freely and have a matching bow tie or cravat to match their dates dress. For the ladies it can be a nightmare to spend a night in an outfit that doesn’t fit correctly or one that you feel self-conscious in so take your time and find the perfect rig out!
  • Ask someone to be your date weeks ahead and don’t leave it till the last minute, ideally the youngsters like to have a girlfriend/boyfriend to fill the role however not everyone is in a relationship. Be sure to ask someone you like the company of and not who your mates tell you to bring, after all you are the one who has to spend the evening by their side.
  • Get the shoes weeks ahead and wear them around the house before the big night, of course this applies mostly to the young ladies who will be wearing sparking stilettos, but some lads will struggle in new tight shoes. Unless you want to limp about the place and look ridiculous, give your feet time to warm to their new shoes.
  • Save money and buy the ball tickets well before the actual debs, at least then you only have to worry about the spending money that night and your limo ride.
  • For the ladies it is best to have a trial run in the hair and make-up department to avoid any last minute breakdowns! A hair up do might look fabulous in a magazine but not suit your face shape at all, so once again be prepared and be the bell of the ball.
  • For the lads do what you usually do-hair gel and done- you lucky ducks!
  • Arrive in style and get your friends to all pitch in and rent a limo, this is the last night to be with your school mates so make sure it is a night to remember for all the right reasons.
  • Don’t drink too much before the actual debs and try to take your time as you will want to have memories of this amazing night and not a drunken haze of flashbacks.
  • Don’t take silly drunken photos and promise yourself you will not upload anything to social media till the next morning when you can make an informed decision. For this night socialise face to face and share the pics tomorrow, sure your friends may still be snapping at the dinner but try enjoying the moment just this once.
  • Don’t kiss your date because you feel you should or run off with someone else’s date leading to a bust up with a mate. By all means if you and your date like each other have a little smooch but keep your wits about you and don’t do anything you may regret the next day.
  • Don’t tell the kid you hate from school that you never have liked him as this really isn’t the best place and your other friends might get dragged into a row. Think of it like this after tonight you will not have to see him/her again and starting a row will just dampen everyone’s spirits.
There you have it so go have a fantastic night and have a toast to the future as you are now starting a new life away from the comfort of school. Best of luck guys xxx
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Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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