How to Help Your Teen Relieve Menstrual Pain

Not all young ladies suffer from menstrual pain and some girls will have their period without it causing them too much discomfort but for others, it can be a terrible time of pain.

There is nothing worse than witnessing your daughters’ pain while they are having their period or beforehand and as it is a big part of their lives, it is important to find out ways to help your daughter with her period pain.

Tips to Help Your Teen Relieve Menstrual Pain:

Go for the natural things first – Before you offer your daughter some pain killers look at other options that can help. Some girls find a hot water bottle is a huge relief if they are experiencing stomach pain and a warm bath full to the brim with bubbles is another way to ease the pain.

As odd as it sounds, some teens have found exercising to help a lot of it is a light session and they enjoy it. Yoga is another option as it helps stretch out the muscles and a simple walk can reduce the pain too.

Know the difference between menstrual pain and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) – Period pain is when they are going through the menstrual cycle whereas PMS are symptoms that occur up to a week before their period. Your daughter many find they are more uncomfortable before their period but for others, they’ll find during their period as the worst pain point.

PMS symptoms include moodiness, irritability and tiredness as well as some bloating. Period pain is usually caused by contractions of the lining of the uterus, better known as menstrual cramps.

Try pain medication – Not all girls will need to take some pain medication, but it can help if they are feeling a lot of pain and discomfort. Your local chemist can advise you on the best over the counter pain killer for your daughter and make sure you advise the chemist if your daughter is taking any other medication.

Be supportive – Chances are, your daughter is going to be moody in the run-up to their period and probably just as much during it but try and understand. You may find they don’t want to talk about it and will refuse to discuss it but for others, they can be open about the subject.

Whatever side your daughter falls on, make sure she knows you are happy to chat about it anytime. Find ways to help her by offering her favourite ice cream (without even mentioning why - if she is shy about her period), pour a big bath for her and light some scented candles or give her, her favourite bag of sweets. Make her favourite dinner and just be there for when she may want to talk as it is hard for her in the first few years of periods. She will figure it out soon enough.

Talk to your doctor if pain persists - If your daughter's period pain is not relieved with over the counter medication and if it is so severe that it prevents her from going to school or seeing her friends, there could be another reason for her symptoms. It is best to bring your daughter for a check-up with your family doctor to discuss her symptoms.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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