Things You'll Notice About Your Teenager That They'll Deny

Your children will go through many changes and phases throughout their lives. When they become teenagers, you'll know all about it!

Teenagers are funny people and they will go through many changes, yet you will find they will refuse to believe or admit that they have changed at all.

One of the things about teenagers is that they think they know it all and you will find it hard to get them to admit they are wrong. Here are some of the things you’ll notice about your teenager that they’ll deny:


No matter how much you hate the idea of your daughter or son getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend it will happen anyway, and they’ll deny the fact that they are interested in the opposite or the same sex. Teenagers are a lot more open about relationships and though this may be true for when they are with their friends, they may not tell their parents about their relationships or their struggles to find out who they really are. Be patient and they’ll chat to you in time; hopefully! 

Caring about their looks

Not all teenagers go through this transformation to loving hair gel, makeup or having the best clothes but a lot of them do. You may mention to your teenager how they must be ‘going somewhere nice’ as they are paying a good bit of attention to their looks and what they are wearing. They will deny it and act like they have nothing to say about it when you know they are probably dressing up to impress someone. 

Mother kissing teenage daughter on forehead
They will need a bit of advice and guidance but go easy on them as it is a confusing time for them.

Changing bodies

Boy or girl, your teenager will change a lot once they hit puberty but for teenagers, they’ll assume you silly for saying such a thing. They’ll get taller, change voices, grow hair and sexually mature but they won’t want to consider this as a ‘big deal’ and instead, they’ll pretend like nothing is happening. However; they will need a bit of advice and guidance but go easy on them as it is a confusing time for them. 

Mood issues

Teenagers are moody at times and how frequent their bad moods are, depends on your own teenager. Of course, they’ll deny this and assume you are the problem – if only you left your teenager in bed all day or didn’t ask them to take out the bins!

They’ll not accept they are the ones who have changed, and parents find that hard as younger kids are so loving and happy to be in their parents’ company. But teenagers? Not so much! The good news is it usually rectifies itself (in time) and your relationship comes full circle. 

Not having a joke and knowing it all

Teenagers love nothing more than being right and they love making jokes at your expense but if you make a joke about them – you are in for it! Teenagers can’t take a joke especially from their parents or siblings and this is annoying as they’ll throw out jokes but get moody if ones are thrown back at them.

Luckily, this time passes and soon they’ll enjoy the family dynamic of fun and jokes. Teenagers like to think they are fully informed and knowledgeable about everything, but we know that isn’t true but let them figure that out! 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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