How To Encourage Sibling Bonding

Kids will be kids, which means they may very well fight like cats and dogs. But it’s better than ignoring each other, right? Possibly not.

Research has shown that our relationships in early childhood can affect our relationships when we are adults, and what better way to ensure positive connections than to encourage sibling bonding.

A sibling bond is quite a precious thing but doesn’t always come naturally until our kids develop and learn to understand and appreciate others. So, how can we help nurture that sibling bond in childhood so that they become each other’s rock when they’re in their twenties and beyond?

Team Up

A shared venture is always a great way to stimulate and encourage a connection with people. Those awkward office team-building exercises are there for a reason! Take this on board when it comes to your kids and ask them to team up for chores, cooking, or a secret project for dad’s birthday. Play board games with parents versus kids and build on their cooperation, understanding, and respect for each other as a teammate and friends.

Circle Time

Sharing our thoughts, feelings, dreams, and hopes can feel like a daunting task when you don’t think others are listening, caring, or have the potential to bully. Sitting down as a family and encouraging our kids to listen to each other is a great way to build on that sibling bond. Listening is an important skill to have, which encourages empathy and understanding.


In the same way, we can build on our children’s respect for one another by reminding our kids of the importance of respect. When we feel respected, we are more likely to respect others. By listening, understanding, caring, sensing, and supporting the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and dreams of those around us, we can be more mindful of those who equally respect us back.

Have Fun

Engagement, connection, and relationships are often cemented through laughter, fun, and those high-pitched squeals as we play games, have fun, and make memories. Never underestimate the importance of connection through play.

We Are Family

When we are young, the longevity of life is not an issue for us. We’re very much of the here and now, which is, of course, perfectly fine as we lift every rock to catch the worms underneath. But frequently reminding our children of the importance of family, siblings, and relatives as they grow older will help establish the importance of these relationships over time. They may not realise it now, but our brothers and sisters can become those life-long friends we rely on.

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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