Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Kid's Bedroom

It can be hard not to clean your kiddie’s bedroom when you see the state it is in, but no parent should do everything for their little one.

It can be hard not to clean your kiddie’s bedroom when you see the state it is in, but no parent should do everything for their little one.
Once they are able a child should be encouraged to tidy up after themselves otherwise your kid will become a teenager who refuses to do anything for themselves.
Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t clean your kiddie’s bedroom:
  • It is not your job to do it - It isn’t a parent’s job to clean their child’s bedroom. When the kids are younger it is understandable that the job falls to you or at least you should be sharing the cleaning up with your kid, but you should never do it all. Regularly tidying up their room will make it too easy for your child; so stop and insist they make more of an effort with their bedroom.
  • Parents have enough to be doing - Since parents must work, make dinners, drop kids places and care for them it is fair to say parents are too busy to be cleaning a kid’s bedroom. The kids have more free time and plenty of time to play so get them to clean their own room. It is not going to ruin their day no matter how much they try and dispute this!
  • They’ll never do it themselves - If you keep cleaning their room your kid will never do it as they will assume you will go do it eventually anyway. Stand outside their room and direct them to the messes, tell them to get the clothes downstairs into the washing machine, bring down rubbish and polish/hoover. They will want rid of you quickly so will be more receptible to doing it with some guidance or a tiny bit of a louder voice and tone!
  • It will not teach them respect for their things - The thing about kids are that they are incredibly smart, but they will work out how to play you like a fiddle and this won’t help in them learning respect for you or their things. Cleaning their room is their responsibility and not yours. As your kids get older they need to understand the importance of cleaning up after themselves and having respect for others. Parents should never be a skivvy to allow their children to relax and watch tv all day while they work hard on the upkeep of the home and the kid’s bedrooms.
  • It will get messy again in no time - Though you may clean it and make it the best room in the world your child will still mess it up again and again after you have spent hours working on it. They just won’t care and while they are kids they should care, and they should understand. Don’t let them take advantage and mess a perfectly good bedroom that YOU spent hours cleaning. You will find if they clean their room themselves they will be more likely to appreciate the cleaning process and look after it better.
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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