Mum Creates Kiss Button Hack To Help Ease School Anxieties

Last year when my boy started school, he was very unsettled, to the point where he would kick and scream. It was an awful few weeks for everyone involved, but mostly for my little lad who felt lost in a world, he didn’t want any part of. 

Had he been a year younger, I would have pulled him from school, but due to his age, it wasn’t an option. He had pains in his belly, his legs would go weak, and he would sob uncontrollably the minute we hit the school gate. Then one day, a mum shared a hack, the hug button, which I’m sure you are all aware of. From that day everything changed, and we never looked back.

I drew a little heart on his hand, and he sketched one on mine, and we charged them before we left for school. Then every time he felt lonely, sad or missed me, all he had to do was press the little heart and send me a hug, and I would send him one back. It was a lifesaver. 

We didn’t do it this year because let’s face it; it wouldn’t be very hygienic. I found my boy avoiding to wash that particular area on his hand in fear he would wash his hug button away. However, now, one mum has shared a genius hack to keep the hug button alive, and it is working a treat for her family and many others - the kiss button hack.

Natalie Stephens shared her tip in a Facebook group saying "it may only last temporarily, but for now, it seems to be working," alongside an image of her daughter’s jumper with two red crosses sewn on the sleeve.  

The post reads: "After finishing off sewing some new buttons on to cardigans I had an idea. Our youngest has always had a hard time saying goodbye at the preschool and school gates, she’s very clingy in general.

"With the restrictions going back to school on toys and her comfort scarf (mine doused in one of her favourite perfume bottles of mine) I had to think quick.

"I chose to sew on two little kisses that get fully charged with more before drop off so that whenever she feels worried/sad that she is missing me she can look at, feel, kiss her sleeve and feel happy again.

"It may last only temporarily, but for now it seems to be working, smiles all round on day one."

We spoke to the super-savvy mum, and she claims a few days later that her shortcut solution seems to be holding up, and her little girl appears to be settling. 

She told us she gets: "A little wobbly whilst walking to the gate, but she goes in with a smile once the kisses are topped up." 

The post has since gone viral with over 35,000 likes and comments in just a few days, and we can totally see why. As parents, we will try anything to keep our children happy and feel nothing but love. 

In the comments, thousands of mums and dads have been praising Natalie's hack with one writing: "Just did this with my girls tonight. Could not believe the significance of it for them. My eldest is nearly twelve, and she wanted one in all of her jumpers. Thanks so much for sharing this idea."

While another said about the kiss button hack: "Brilliant idea and a great way to know it’s your jumper and not someone else’s. I’m looking for my sewing kit as we speak."

Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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