Annoying things those younger siblings do.

I sometimes feel sorry for our older son, as he gets so much of the blame when they fight

If you have a few kiddies you will be familiar with the constant arguments between them and how they can never seem to get along.
If you grew up with a brother or sister, you can relate to! The older ones usually shoulder most of the blame because as they are older we believe they should know better and behave mannerly to each other. However this never happens and here are some of the annoying things younger siblings do, and this may be why war breaks out at home.
  • They take their older siblings stuff- Who doesn’t get annoyed when someone robs your stuff and then you can’t find it when needed. After hours of the older kid asking the youngest “where it is?” and them inevitably denying taking it, the missing item is found in the small ones pile of toys!
  • The little ones can be smug- These little critters know they have Mammy and Daddy wrapped around their little finger as they are the baby of the family. So even when the older ones shout at their little brother or sister for being a pain and having a silly tantrum, it is the older ones that get in trouble for screaming. Cue the youngest smugly grinning at their siblings while sticking out their tongue!
  • The younger ones usually get away with things easily- It doesn’t matter if the little tike caused havoc at home and had a mini meltdown, as they won’t be punished much because they are only small! 
  • They get to watch the babyish T.V- The whole house has to watch cartoons with those songs (you know them!) as it keeps the little one happy and quiet. Even if the baby of the family goes off to play Lego they still need the program singing away in the background driving the older ones to plead insanity.
  • They force their older siblings to play their games- It can range from a teddy bear’s picnic to monsters attack and it can be incredibly boring for the older ones. However if they don’t comply there will be no peace so they often just play for a half hour and hopefully the youngster will head off to new pursuits- Mam and Dad!
  • The little one usually wakes the whole house in the mornings- Once the tot awakes everyone in the house has to be up to entertain them, doors will be opened and lights will be turned on. Before you know it the entire family are awake and a touch moody now after the rude awakening.
  • They barge into everyone’s bedrooms without warning- So what if you are changing clothes and your door is quite obviously closed as in pops your little brother or sister for a random chat.
  • They invade the older kid’s space- It is very hard for the older ones to escape the small one and especially when your eldest might have a pal around and want some space. Before you know it 'that pesky kid' (my older son's words) is downstairs “telling” and Mammy is going to get mad.
Don’t forget we were all kids once and we probably are all familiar with the daily disputes at home due to the order in which we arrived into the world! Siblings will always argue but they will also love each other at least some of the time anyway! 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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