10 Simple But Brilliant Elf On The Shelf Ideas

If the Elf on the Shelf likes to pay your family a visit every Christmas then expect him to knock on your door any day now. Today, we're sharing our favourite Elf on the Shelf ideas.

He’ll give you regular headaches and he’s one of the few people you would actually get out of bed for (even though you swore you wouldn’t forget about him any day this year). It’s hard to deny the joy he brings to the kids though.  

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Elf on the Shelf has come to be a really popular Christmas tradition for families across the world and pretty soon your newsfeed will be awash with Mr Elf getting up to all sorts over the holiday period. He’s messy, he’s funny and he really keeps you on your toes.

Here are 10 simple but brilliant Elf on The Shelf ideas. They’re easy to “set up” but still have that wow factor for the kids.

1. Cereal Box Mischief  

Is your box of cereal coming to an end? Save it for a really easy Elf On The Shelf idea.   You can cut out any character’s face and give Elf a place to pop his head out of. The kids will love this one and it’ll take you a couple of minutes max.  

10 Simple But Brilliant Elf On The Shelf Ideas
Source: Pinterest

2. Candy Cane Climber  

You’ve seen packets of Candy Canes in the pound shop and possibly even picked them up already to decorate the tree. Elf could use one of these as a climbing tool.  

Source: Pinterest

3. It’s hard work being an elf  

Thankfully he’s pretty good at putting a toilet paper hammock together for a little rest.  

Source: Pinterest

4. Elf is getting to know all the Barbies in the playroom  

He’s found a couple of odd socks to use as sleeping bags and they’re having a little slumber party.  

Source: Pinterest

5. Elf has found himself a date  

Set them up in front of a screen in some kind of vehicle, scatter some popcorn on the floor and give Elf his very own drive-through movie experience.  

Source: Pinterest

6. Elf can turn pretty much any piece of furniture into a sledging experience  

Round up some of his pals and use an empty toilet roll holder to create an Elf worthy sleigh. Line them up and make sure it’s a steep hill because Elf likes to live on the edge.  

Source: Pinterest

7. Ah, the Elf food angel  

She’s an oldy but a goody. You can use pretty much anything. We think sprinkles look pretty but chocolate chips, flour, baking powder or sugar would do the trick too.  

Source: Pinterest

8. Earning his keep!  

He’s earning his keep by offering his car-washing services to your children’s vehicles. All he needs is a hand-written sign, a sponge and a selection of cars looking to avail of the service.  

Source: Pinterest

9. Bathroom mischief  

A roll of wrapping paper and a couple of minutes of your time in the bathroom. This one might make evening toilet trips a little tricky but it will be worth the reactions.  

Source: Pinterest

10. Elf is a bit gross  

Let’s face it though, kids just adore anything gross.  

Source: Pinterest

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