Packing Your Hospital Bag – 5 Not So Obvious Things (But Vital Things)

Here are some of the things that I would put on my list for the next time!

I read a lot of different blog posts about packing your hospital bag when I was pregnant. I compared them against the actual hospital list they give you and found there to be quite a big difference in a lot of ways. It's great to be able to read about a woman's actual recent experience. I find it to be much more reliable and less formal or something.
As with a lot of things, I totally over-packed. I think a lot of women do this. If there ever is a time to not want to have forgotten something, it's the day you give birth. It's such an important time and anything that reduces the stress will make a massive difference.
There were a few things that I never really thought of when I was packing for the big day. I suppose you can't cover everything until you are experiencing it for yourself. There is also the fact that everyone is different and requires different kinds of comforts and tools.
Here are some of the things that I would put on my list if I were helping a friend decide what to bring in her hospital bag when she was going in to have her baby. These were not mentioned on the list but hopefully, they will help out a few of you.
  • The hospital wards are really really warm. Like to warm that I didn't use a blanket to sleep any of the nights. Too warm. It makes sense considering they are housing brand new little newborns. I found myself constantly in a state of feeling flushed. When packing your hospital PJs don't even think about bringing the cosy warm fluffy ones. Light and airy is the way to go. The same can be said for a dressing gown. I wouldn't bother. A light cardigan would work much better in my opinion.
  • Lip Balm. Why didn't I think of this? Well, I had absolutely no idea that when you are breastfeeding your lips are unbelievably dry. I sent the other half out for a tub of Vaseline and it did the job but it never crossed my mind when I was packing.
  • Witch Hazel. This may not be medically recommended but a lot of mums advised me to pick this up and it was a lifesaver. You can get it in any health shop. A couple of drops on a sanitary towel gives the most amazing relief to sore, em, lady bits. To be fair, they go through a lot when giving birth.
  • Suppositories. Again not a pretty topic but a lot of women experience haemorrhoids after giving birth. I wasn't expecting this at all. Suppositories made me feel a whole lot better. It would have been handy to have them packed rather then request them. Some suppositories are not safe when breastfeeding so just check that one out first.
  • Bendy straws. This one is important for during labour. You will find yourself thirsty and hopefully, your birthing partner can time is nicely to bring the water to your mouth. Having a bendy straw ready to go really makes life easier. Anything to conserve energy for the big event.
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Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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