Our Favourite Pregnant Mamas To Follow On Instagram

You get to follow a pregnancy journey as it unfolds which can answer a lot of your questions and help you prepare for the different stages which lie ahead for you.

Pregnancy can feel like an isolating time under regular circumstances. The way you see the world changes profoundly and it is normal to feel a little disconnected from the outside world. Being pregnant during a global pandemic is next level.

Many pregnant mums feel a bit robbed of the pregnancy experience they had envisioned for so many years. It's all relative and it is important to validate those feelings during this difficult time. Instagram is a great place to make connections with other pregnant women. It's like being part of a secret club where all members understand the sickness, fatigue, excitement and fear you are experiencing daily.

The best part about following pregnant mums on Instagram is the real-time element. You get to follow a pregnancy journey as it unfolds which can answer a lot of your questions and help you prepare for the different stages which lie ahead for you. Of course every pregnancy is different but it is comforting to spot the similarities.

There is a whole community of online supports and services available to you during your pregnancy. Instagram is just one of those. Here are some of our favourite pregnant mamas to follow on Instagram right now.

Melissah aka themindofmammy

We've been following Melissah for years now and her account is a lovely mix of everything. She chronicles life with her two girls Evie And Daisy and does great work in raising awareness of Down Syndrome. Melissah recently announced that she is pregnant and expecting their third baby in about six months. We can't wait to follow her pregnancy journey again!

Aoibhe Devlin

We generally can't get enough of Aoibhe's account - particularly during lockdown. Her videos are completely hilarious and have you SEEN her adorable daughter Lily? Well Lily is about to become a big sister in a couple of weeks. We loved the bump-shot Aoibhe posted yesterday.

Dr Clodagh Campbell aka The Wellness Psychologist

If you haven't stumbled upon one of Clodagh's inspirational daily quotes before, you are in for a real treat. Her account is one of our absolute favourites. Her feel-good affirmations and grounding tips are worth their weight in gold during this time of uncertainty. Clodagh has just announced that she is expecting baby number two and we cannot wait to see beautiful Maia become a big sister.

Laura Cunningham

We've been pretty much addicted to Laura's account since day one. Laura is a wedding expert, author and cat mama. Laura is in the final weeks of her first pregnancy and thankfully has had a really smooth pregnancy so far. We love her maternity wardrobe and look forward to all the baby prep that will no doubt be underway for the next couple of weeks.

Slim With Pippa

Pippa's page is full to the brim of Slimming World recipes and tips. She also shares snippets of family life and most recently some photographs of her beautiful wedding day. We were over the moon when we saw her pregnancy announcement last week. We look forward to following her journey from one baby to two!

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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