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  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Breast tenderness

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is now the size of a chocolate button, or (depending on the size of your hands) the size of the tip of your little finger.

Dear Diary

I'm struggling this week if I'm totally honest. It should be a really amazing week but instead, I'm filled with dread and resentment and I never anticipated this feeling. I feel like I "didn't sign up for this" and it's not what they talk about in the books or the movies. How on earth can the experience of seeing your baby's heartbeat go hand in hand with feeling upset? Well, this week it did for me.

It's my second pregnancy so in some ways I feel more relaxed this time around. I didn't feel as nervous about the prospect of an early scan for some reason. I kept drawing on my last experience and remembering what a magical one it was. I visualised that tiny little heartbeat flickering and that really special experience with my husband (he was only my boyfriend last time so I feel very grown-up saying that now) and deep down I just expected it to be the same. And while a lot of it was, so much of it was not.

We joked on the way into the scan. IMAGINE it was twins. Of course, we would manage and love both babies eternally but it would be a major shock. I've had a couple of friends who have had multiples too so I remember them explaining the total disbelief they felt when they heard those words at the scan. I was actually a twin myself, but my mam lost one of the babies early in the pregnancy so it's always something I've thought about.

On the way into the scan, I was feeling a little queasy. It had only really started a couple of days before and I found myself constantly switching from a feeling of relief to a feeling of dread. On the one hand, I saw nausea as a really good sign. The hormones were surely doing their thing. On the other hand, I panicked about how bad it might get, how I'd care for my other child and function at work. Naturally, I completely over-analysed every small bout of time where the sickness disappeared, too. I was just completely hyper about the whole thing.

When we arrived at the scanning centre, all of those memories came flooding back. I was suddenly filled with a sense of fear. It kind of hit me that this was the moment that we would learn how the pregnancy was progressing. I started to imagine bad news and how I would react.

It was as though at that moment I realized just how much was at stake and I desperately longed for good news. It was a rush of panic, excitement and everything in between. As we filled out the form I found my hand quivering and my voice did that shakey thing it does when I'm feeling nervous about something. I think I jumped when they called my name.

It felt like seconds before she announced: "there it is". Oh and there it was. A sight to behold. Our baby's heart beating. A tangible and beautiful symbol of new life - our child. We glanced at each other and the relief was palpable. And just like that, the room was filled with uncertainty once again.

As the sonographer moved the scanning machine she asked us were we aware of the fact that I had a "massive cyst" on my right ovary. This was major news to me and scared the life out of me. She told us that it was 9cm which would suggest that it was the kind of cyst that wouldn't go away by itself. She told us that it was blood filled rather than water-filled and therefore considered to be a "complex cyst". She gave us a letter and recommended that I bring it to the attention of my maternity hospital.

As we walked back to the car, hand in hand, there was a lot of silence. We kept reassuring each other that we were OK and how "that went well".

I hadn't even filled out the forms for care at the maternity hospital. So much information. She reassured us that these cysts are "usually fine" and urged us not to worry. As we walked back to the car, hand in hand, there was a lot of silence. We kept reassuring each other that we were OK and how "that went well".

We saw our babies heartbeat. Our baby was thriving. So why did this feel like bad news? I felt a strange concoction of emotions about the way my body was changing. Grateful for the pregnancy. Resentful about the cyst and guilty for feeling anything but overjoyed. I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

Until next week.

A Partner’s Perspective

I am definitely more engaged this time - was reading that the baby has doubled in size week over the week. Still trying to get my head around this, I keep imagining a Pokémon evolution animation where they double in size.

As we get closer to the 12 week-scan, we are allowing ourselves to think about things like boys and girls' names, car seats, sleeping arrangements etc. I got whooped in the step's competition last week - a night out with the lads on Thursday did not help my cause.

Our Midwife’s Advice

What looked like a little tadpole is becoming more like a baby every week and has doubled in size again since last week. The little buds that will be arms and legs have grown, and the tale has shortened.

The baby's brain has developed into 3 distinct sections: Fore, mid and hindbrain. The baby's digestive organs have all started to form and what will be your little humans' eyes have started to grow into its different parts. Mums-to-be sometimes report a heightened sense of smell, and unfortunately with this morning sickness can sometimes go hand in hand.

About 80% of pregnant women will suffer from some sort of nausea or vomiting in pregnancy. While never pleasant, for the vast majority it isn't serious and will ease toward to end of the first trimester (week 12). If you are affected, it's a good idea to make sure you keep well hydrated and have snacks through the day as long spells with no food can make symptoms worse.

Around this time you can have an early scan (it's not necessary but some people like to have one). Sometimes, like in Traceys' case, as well as seeing the little person, other things like cysts can be seen. They usually don't cause much trouble once you are pregnant and many people don't realise they have them until then. It means you will be scanned more often and kept a closer eye on to ensure all goes smoothly.

Week 7

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

If you're suffering from nausea and morning sickness, find out what foods may help. Fresh air and exercise work for some women, so give that a go. Morning sickness won't last forever but finding something that helps is worth a try.

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