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Your Baby This Week

Your baby is the size of a handbag, but you will probably feel the size of a small house!

Dear Diary

On Monday I dropped Billy to school as per normal. I uploaded a photograph to Instagram stating that I was "due a baby this week" and went on my merry way to the café that I usually visit while he's at playschool.

I had a couple of bits of work to do and was looking forward to a nice coffee. On the drive to the coffee shop, I had the strangest urge to just be outdoors though. Every bone in my body was telling me to avoid the coffee shop and enjoy the sunny weather outdoors.

I suppose I knew that this would be my last solo stroll for quite some time…


I parked up the car, grabbed a takeaway coffee and visited a local park for a nice walk. On the way to the park, I picked up a punnet of raspberries and some yoghurt to have for breakfast. It was so peaceful sitting on a bench in the sunshine eating my breakfast with not a care in the world.

I felt really calm and relaxed. I decided to make the most of the morning and actually walk around the park while the sun was out. I popped my earphones on and played my favourite Gentle Birth track.

The sunshine, the fresh air, the beautiful green trees and the empowering affirmations ringing in my ears.

It was almost like an out of body experience because as I walked through the trees taking in the beautiful nature and listening to the affirmations I just felt so… strong. I distinctly remember feeling little waves of excitement about the birth. In fact, I took a photograph to remind myself of the experience of walking through the trees because I felt like it would be an image I could focus on while I was giving birth.

The sunshine, the fresh air, the beautiful green trees and the empowering affirmations ringing in my ears. It was gorgeous. With just five days until my due date, this was exactly what my body needed.


That afternoon I was really tired which has been the norm this week. It was an otherwise "normal" night though. I had my bath, listened to my meditation and went to bed.

After my bath that night I had done an extra bit of pampering because I was going to be recording a video the next morning all about Billy's birth. I shaved my legs, popped on a bit of gradual tan and straightened my hair. I went to bed feeling really fresh.

The next day (Tuesday 21st) I recorded the video in the morning time. Billy was as good as gold watching TV and enjoying a few treats while we filmed. When the camera crew left, I popped on my comfy clothes and was very suddenly whacked with intense exhaustion. I've never felt anything like it. I couldn't keep my eyes open. We visited the park and I struggled to string a sentence together when my husband got in from work.

That night I didn't have my usual bath or shower before bed. I was wall-fallen. As it turned out I'd be waking up to a very special delivery…

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A Partner’s Perspective

Even though we know the baby could come at any minute, I don't think it will feel real until the due date. This is silly, I know. My partner thinks she will go two weeks over. In any case, this is making us more relaxed this week than we might otherwise be.

However, this pregnancy is ending in two weeks, one way or the other! We both feel excited, and weirdly calm.

Our Midwife’s Advice

You are nearly there. Your little one is fully cooked and ready to be born. By the end of this week, you will have reached the magical estimated due date. Remember, most babies do not arrive on this day so try and not focus on it too much.

A common first sign that labour is around the corner is that you might have a "show". This is a jelly-like substance which is the mucus plug that sits in your cervix providing protection for your uterus and baby to any bacteria in your vaginal canal.

As your cervix begins to thin out (efface), soften and open up (dilate) you might find this lump of "goo" when you wipe in the toilet or it might be sitting in your underwear. It can come out in one big lump or in several smaller bits.

It could be streaked with blood, and this is normal. There is no need to panic, this is an excellent sign, but it can mean labour is about to happen imminently, or on the other hand, or it might be another week or so.

What is not normal is if you have any fresh bleeding or any unusual vaginal discharge. If you do, then call your maternity unit immediately and head in to be checked out.

Other reasons to contact the maternity unit are if you have any severe headaches, severe itching (particularly on your hands or feet), if you think your waters have gone or any changes in baby's movements.

Week 40

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

This is a big week - for you and your baby. Take extra care of yourself and do things that make you feel relaxed and prepared for the birth. Take a leaf out of Tracey's book and go for a stroll if the weather's nice or listen to some of your favourite songs. You got this!

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