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Your Baby This Week

Your baby this week is the size of a kettle.

Dear Diary

There is no denying it, I am absolutely shattered this week. I'm not sleeping well at all between the ten thousand toilet trips and the shape and weight of my bump making it very difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. I'm finding that by about 2 pm I just crash completely. My eyelids feel so heavy and I can barely talk without slurring my words. Billy is being parented by the TV. I'm having a lot of baths in the evenings and they really help me to unwind. The Gentle Birth tracks almost send me into a trance. In a weird way, I'm really going to miss this element of "me time" that pregnancy has given me. Life will be a whole lot busier when a tiny human is in my arms 24/7. Bring it on though!


I recorded a podcast with Family Friendly HQ last week and one of the panellists is a midwife. Her prediction is that I'll have the baby within the next couple of days. She said the head is super super low and I have a certain "look" about me. Watch this space, I guess! At my 39 week appointment, the midwife said that she could perform a sweep next if I want her to but it's totally up to me. By that stage, I'll be forty weeks. I'll wait and see how I feel on the day; I think.


Speaking of work, I'm actually recording a video in my house in a couple of days. Ironically, it's about Billy's birth and how I've learnt to deal with what I consider to be a traumatic experience. I'm looking forward to getting dolled up one last time because it's the last "thing" I have planned. I'll be talking about Gentle Birth and the Birth Reflections service we availed of because both have made/are making a huge difference to me in the lead up to giving birth again.

We also visited Tayto Park this week. They had a media/press day and kindly invited us along. We ended up staying for several hours and as usual, I was the token photo taker. I'd love to say that pregnancy is what stopped me going on the rides, but the truth is I am a total chicken when it comes to amusements. You might remember I went on very little when we visited Disney Land a couple of months ago. I did find Tayto Park bittersweet though. We had a great day but in the back of my head, I think I knew that it was our last family day out before three becomes four. I still cannot imagine being a mother of two. I remember this feeling when we were expecting Billy and look at us now. I can't remember or imagine life before him so I suspect the very same feeling will happen when baby number two arrives.

A Partner’s Perspective

We keep taking longish walks, joking that it'll induce labour. It's beautiful outside, once you get out of the city. Everyone we meet sympathises with my girlfriend over how she must be feeling now that the due date is so soon.

Cycling to work had become difficult, but since she stopped having to commute, she's full of energy and excitement. 'I'm feeling okay!' she responds. They wince all the same. Nobody quite believes that she's still enjoying being pregnant.

I'm doing all the washing up because she can no longer reach the sink. The sacrifices I'm making!

Our Midwife’s Advice

Your baby is ready to be born. It will have sleep cycles lasting 20-45 minutes and then times of wakefulness, just like on the outside.

A common first sign that labour is around the corner is that you might have a "show". This is a jelly-like substance which is the mucus plug that sits in your cervix providing protection for your uterus and baby to any bacteria in your vaginal canal. As your cervix begins to thin out (efface), soften and open up (dilate) you might find this lump of "goo" when you wipe in the toilet or it might be sitting in your underwear. It can come out in one big lump or in several smaller bits. It could be streaked with blood, and this is normal. There is no need to panic, this is an excellent sign, but it can mean labour is about to happen imminently, or on the other hand, or it might be another week or so.

What is not normal is if you have any fresh bleeding or any unusual vaginal discharge. If you do, then call your maternity unit immediately and head in to be checked out. Other reasons to contact the maternity unit are if you have any severe headaches, severe itching particularly on your hands or feet if you think your waters have gone or any changes in baby's movements.

Week 39

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

Make sure you're eating enough! While the old saying that you must "eat for two" while pregnant isn't necessarily true, you should still be getting an extra 300 calories per day at this stage. Eat a healthy diet rich in low-fat protein, iron and veggies.

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