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  • Increased  libido
  • Decreased libido
  • Back pain

Your Baby This Week

Your baby this week is about the size of a small handbag at 25cm.

Dear Diary

I've been making a big effort to eat healthier food this week. I'm usually fairly good but these days I am taking so many shortcuts because I just feel too tired for anything too elaborate.

I made a lovely crustless quiche during the week and it's completely "free" on the Slimming World plan and totally delicious. I think something like this will work really well when the baby comes because, while there was a bit of effort involved, it will stay fresh for several days.

It works for any meal of the day and is packed with vegetables so it's a good one. I've also been eating a lot of spinach to increase my level of Iron ahead of the big day. I really don't want to end up on an iron supplement because I've heard that they cause constipation. That was my first real pregnancy symptom all those weeks ago and I found it very uncomfortable.


I won't shine my halo just yet though. It was my husband's birthday this week and we did a fair bit of eating and drinking out (no alcohol for me, of course). We had a gorgeous family date night to celebrate and I had one of the nicest pizzas of my life.

They threw in a free dessert, so I was a very happy lady. We do that quite a bit actually. Family date nights are a great way to get out and about and experience nice places and meals but without needing a babysitter.

That is the thing about having an almost five-year-old - we can bring him anywhere. It's kind of hard to imagine how the dynamic will change in that sense. It won't be as easy to do those things with a small baby, but that's OK.


As part of my husband's birthday celebrations, we went to Bingo Loco. It sounds absolutely nuts, but I actually had a ball. If you haven't heard of it, I highly recommend picking up tickets to their next event. It didn't matter that I was Sober Sally and the designated driver, I just had so much fun dancing. Maybe it's the last burst of energy or something? It felt great to put on a dress and get dolled up for the evening.


Little man has started to wake up at 5.30am recently and it's taking its toll on us all. The light is creeping in through his curtains because the mornings are so bright. My husband ordered blackout curtains from Amazon so I'm really hoping they do the trick and keep him in his bed a little later in the morning. I'm thinking the blackout blinds will be great for when the baby arrives too!

I'm getting tonnes of movement this week. I can see the baby rippling across my tummy and I absolutely love it. Although I'd appreciate if it wouldn't press on my bladder so much because I'm literally up on the hour every night using the loo!

A Partner’s Perspective

It was my birthday this week and we had an absolute ball! Although, my mind has been preoccupied with my partner and our growing family. It's difficult to get my head around the prospect of becoming a Dad of two and having responsibility for raising two little ones.

Our Midwife’s Advice

About 80-90% of babies will have moved into a head-down position as opposed to the breech (bum down) position by now. Babies can turn at any stage, but as the head is the heaviest part, if they are head down toward the end of pregnancy, they tend to stay that way.

If your baby is breech nearer delivery, then your care provider might suggest either manually turning the baby (call ECV or external cephalic version) or having a caesarean section. Back pain is a very common complaint, and most pregnant women will, unfortunately, suffer with it toward the end of their pregnancy (some can suffer for the ENTIRE) pregnancy.

There is a huge amount of stress on your spine as the shape of it is much more exaggerated to accommodate your growing bump, your weight distribution and centre of gravity are changed and of course, you have a human dancing around inside you! It's very important that wherever you work understands this and makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible, they are legally responsible for ensuring where you work is suitable and not like to cause you any injury. So, for example, you might find that taking more frequent breaks if you are desk-based so you can stretch your legs or changing your desk or chair to one that is more ergonomically suitable for pregnancy might help make things easier for you.

If you are feeling up to it, do make time to socialise, catch up with friends and let your hair down. If at night you feel too wrecked, but why not organise a nice brunch somewhere? Obviously, eating as well as possible at this point is really important, but just as important is to be kind to yourself and to have a little fun before baby arrives.

While most of us are familiar with Post Natal Depression (PND), depression during pregnancy is also common. If you are feeling very down please talk to your GP, Midwife or other healthcare providers. It's very important you feel supported during this momentous time in your life and you do not need to suffer in silence.

Week 32

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

Moisturize your bump every single day. Not only will this make your skin feel more comfortable, but it will also reduce the risk of stretch marks.

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