What To Expect

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Nail changes
  • Braxton hicks contractions

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is the size of a can of hairspray, weighs 1300g and is about 24cm long.

Dear Diary

This week was just what the doctor ordered. Quite literally. It was full of some of my most favourite things. It wasn't all sunshine and lollipops, but life never is. It's been a difficult week with my Dad. He has stage four cancer and sometimes amid all the pregnancy magic you hear something that knocks you.

My Dad has shown unbelievable strength and resilience, but it's been one of the more difficult weeks since his diagnosis three years ago. I met up with him during the week and we literally talked for two hours. He needed it and I'm glad that he was able to open up to me. It's like Billy knew because for that two hours he was just so well-behaved and happily played a game on my phone. I left the lunch-date with a heavy heart.


I often get little signs from the universe when I'm feeling down. It might be a song or something someone says. I feel it so deeply and I just know in my heart that it is a message for me. It reassures me and puts everything in perspective.

This week it came in the form of a grape. I am literally not joking. I was having a difficult morning emotionally. I could feel myself slipping. I was over-thinking and over-analysing everything. When I was preparing a snack for Billy, I came across a grape that had an actual smiley face on it and it made me laugh out loud.

Isn't it so amazing that something so small can completely steer your mood in a different direction? I am a huge believer in the law of attraction, and I am now thinking about what I want to bring about. I am so blessed.


We went away for the night at the weekend and it was so good for us all. My mam and her partner have a holiday home and we did all of my favourite things. We went for a stunning meal, we watched a movie, we ate treats and we visited the beach.

My mam's partner is SO good with Billy and seeing how happy he was made it all the better. I've been a little bit hormonal this week and I found the fresh air by the sea was exactly what I needed.

I found myself thinking about the baby's gender this week. I can honestly say that I don't mind either way and that a happy healthy baby is all we could dream for. Spending so much time with my mam and sister this weekend made me imagine having a girl though.

Because I'm the mother of a boy I just can't even imagine a baby girl. Imagine another girl to join our little girl gang? I feel like I already know it is a boy but really, it's 50/50 and I just cannot wait for the surprise.


A Partner’s Perspective

My wife has had to sign off work early on the advice of the doctor. The bump is getting bigger - even driving is tricky now.

I had plans to travel to visit my brother in the Netherlands for the weekend, he and his partner had a baby girl recently and I was to visit them. That plan has to be cancelled now but looking after my wife right now is much more important.

Our Midwife’s Advice

Your baby continues to fatten up. The pattern of the baby's movements will be quite noticeable by now. As your baby gets bigger, there is less space for them to move, so the movements might be slightly less dramatic, but the pattern and amount of movement should remain the same.

If you feel your baby isn't moving like normal, then call your care provider straight away. It's usually nothing to worry about but very important, if you notice any change, to just make sure all is ok.

As you get closer to your baby's arrival it's really important that you are kind to yourself. It's a very emotional time, things just are 'felt' more, in every way. Make sure that you listen to your body and also, like Tracey and her partner, do nice things together and make time for your relationship. At this stage, you'll be seen by your caregivers more often. These appointments are really important to check on you and your baby. If you are working, you are legally allowed to take time for these appointments.

Braxton-hicks are 'practice contractions' and can happen in your final trimester. It's like your body is in training for labour. You will feel your tummy tighten and then relax and this could happen on and off. They can be uncomfortable but are not painful and are totally normal. Some people get them daily, whereas others aren't aware of them at all.

Week 31

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

If you can, book yourself in for a Pregnancy Pamper Package. Many spas offer them, and they include beauty treatments, pregnancy massages and sometimes, even lunch! You only have a few weeks of pregnancy left - you may as well treat yourself.

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