Would You Like A Peaceful Family Dinner For Once?

Now this device is pretty cool...

Is there an over dependence on technology in your home?
Dolmio's campaign to reclaim family meal times from the over use of technology at the dinner table launched with the Dolmio Pepper Hacker.
It's in response to research they conduced on the dependence on technology, showing that  two thirds of the households report arguments from over use of technology at dinner, and four out of five (78%) saying it should be banned at the table. The new campaign seeks to help more families connect at dinner time with the Dolmio Pepper Hacker.
Smartphones are great, but it would be hard to say that having access to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts 24/7 has made us more polite-we all know that person who's glued to their phone, whether they're on a date, sitting down for a family dinner, at the cinema, etc. But there may be a solution coming to getting people to put down their phones, at least through dinner time!
So wait till you see this miracle device in action-Dolmio gave a few prototypes to a group of parents (without telling the rest of their families), and filmed their families' reactions to their tablets, phones, and TV's "magically" shutting down. Take a look below.
What do you think? Would you use one in your home?


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