Why parenting with a sense of humour is better for you.

Making money is an essential part of life and our careers are a significant part of our identity but nothing can replace the importance of family.  

Making money is an essential part of life and our careers are a significant part of our identity but nothing can replace the importance of family.  
Having children is most definitely one of the most difficult jobs you will do in your lifetime. Though it could be a lot easier if we didn’t take ourselves so seriously. 
Being a parenting present challenges that we never expected, however, there are also the great rewards of being a Mom or Dad. That said I'm sure there are times when every parent feels like they are losing their mind. 
We have years ahead of us as parents so it important to keep a healthy and happy perspective on things and add a pinch of humour to our day. 
Our kids learn a lot from our behaviour. So if we are uptight and moody, you can be sure that the little ones will be too. Of course we all have off days and we can’t be happy all the time, however, our children benefit from boundaries and consistency. 
Its good to just to laugh more and loosen up and our kiddies will be happier. Laughing is beneficial for everyone and kids and adults like to be around people who are having fun.

Laughter is a good distraction for your children. Simple things like wearing bowls for a hat or putting their favourite teddy in a cup, they will note your ridiculousness and chuckle along anyway. Chasing mascots around shopping centres and hugging them can be hysterical especially if you have older kids who will literally nearly die in mortification! 
It can make learning more fun. For toddlers who are learning new words every day, calling a cat a dog can be hilarious to them! “Silly Mammy” they giggle and any “knock knock” joke gets them riled up and they will most likely make up their own jokes for you to listen to.  
It makes us feel great. Get up on your feet and dance, dance like no one is watching and enjoy the music. Just shaking that booty can lift the most sombre of moods in a family and before you know it laughter is echoing in the house.  
It is a good way of getting out of situations where you feel like screaming! Are the children killing each other, is the house upside down. Did another bowl full of cereal, crash on the ground and break? Just laugh out loud and pass the moment. Your kids might think you are going a bit crazy, but what the heck it will get you through it. 
So there you have it, parents, shake off the cobwebs and dance stupidly, sing badly and be ridiculously silly! Try it and I bet you will all feel happier, they say laughter is the cure after all.

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