Why cuddling your kids is so important.

Not only will a cuddle make you feel special. It is good for you too

There is an old wives tales that says cuddling your baby can make them clingy or needy. However it will come as no surprise that today, scientists have discovered a clear link between cuddling your baby in their early years and positive emotional responses in their adult life. 
It may come as no surprise to parents, but cuddling your baby provides them with social benefits for years afterwards, according to scientists.
New Mums are encouraged to have skin on skin contact with their new born baby immediately after birth. There is evidence to suggest that babies that are in neonatal care benefit from their parents holding them and it improves their vitals. This also extends to babies outside of the neonatal care also.
Cuddling your child is probably something you never think about as it comes completely natural to a parent to want to cuddle their baby. Every baby is different and might like a certain rocking movement or being held a certain way, and it is important to find the way they are soothed by your cuddling style. Having your baby in your arms will allow them to become familiar with your smell and little touches, and in those early days these can sometimes be the difference between a calm baby and an uneasy baby. 
Here are somethings that you may not have known about cuddling: 
  • Babies who were cuddled tend to sleep better. Babies who were cuddled have better sleep patterns
  • Cuddled babies have steadier respiration and heart rates. 
  • Cuddled babies manage stress better. 
  • Cuddled babies reap social benefits. A study has shown a link between babies who were cuddled have higher levels of social bonding hormones.
As your youngsters get older and more independent you will find they won’t stop for a hug and you will literally have to grab them for cuddles. It doesn’t mean they don’t want a cuddle but they may feel they are “too old” for their daily squeezes, so may not approach you for one but it is important to encourage it.
We all need to feel loved and yes saying “I love you” is vital too but showing your love and adoration for them by embracing them every single day is a perfect way to keep you both bonded. Who doesn’t need a hug anyway? 


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