When you have an emotionally sensitive child...

Some kids are just born more sensitive than others and helping them not take everything so hard can be tough.

Some kids are just born more sensitivethan others and helping them not take everything so hard, whether it's hurt feelings or scraped knees can be tough.
Some shriek when you try to brush the knots out of their hair, some have meltdowns whenever you tell them no, or burst into tears when their sibling or friend teases them. 
Having an emotionally sensitive child can drive some parents up the walls as they struggle to deal with it. It is important to note that some children (who are emotionally sensitive) have the personality trait that causes them to feel emotional or physical pain more than others. For most kids it is just a phase and they may outgrow it in time but for others it can be a case of managing your child’s reactions to every little and big thing that occurs in their lives. Here are some tips (based on experience)
  • Show a bit of empathy- If your child has gotten a little scratch, rather than shrug it off and tell them to move on you should acknowledge it and kiss it better before sending them off to play again. Ignoring the little cut will cause your child to seek more attention from you and may begin to cry or scream to get it!
  • Say the right thing- Rather than calling your tiny one a baby for being silly, try telling them that you know it hurts but it will be ok and they should play on and not dwell on it. Remember (that whether warranted or not) your child seeks your kindness and hugs when they are feeling upset, sad or hurt and it is best to give it to them.
  • Tell them the facts- Arming your child with the facts is a good way to ensure they understand what is happening. If they are whining because they aren’t allowed to go their pals house explain why it isn’t possible. Give them a reason and that it will be possible to get to go another time.
  • Help your child to problem solve- Sensitive kids need to be taught how to problem solve and they also need you to help them do that as they may feel unable to do so. If your child refuses to get their socks on because they can’t do it offer them a solution showing them how to do it easily. Stop short of doing it yourself but show them that they need to do things for themselves and be able to solve problems that occur daily.
  • Distract them- Anticipating your child’s moves will help you to avoid the point where your child becomes inconsolable because they are upset over a very silly matter. Distracting your child away from the situation if possible is the best way ahead and not letting the problem come to head will avoid all the drama that follows.
  • Focus of your child’s strengths- Your child may be emotionally sensitive and a little whiny when it comes to falls or cuts and bruises but look closer and focus on their strengths. Your child may be poetic as they are sensitive, they may be good at art and they may even have a gentle manner with animals and therefore your dog loves her! Accept that your child may be sensitive but they also have a whole other side to them that makes them who they are.

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