What Mums Really Want for Mothers Day

Often the best gifts for mums are those that cost quite little but they mean the world.

Often the best gifts for mums are those that cost quite little but they mean the world.
While we do love the crazy, busy fun filled days with our kids, there is no denying a little chill time and relaxation is much appreciated.
So here is our list (compiled by the mums who work at Family Friendly HQ) of top things we’d like to get this Mother’s Day. It might serve as some inspiration for those nearest and dearest to you (hint, hint!)
A sleep in
But it has to be a real one… a complete 8 – 10 hours of zzzz’s.
For this to work we need not to be able to hear a thing- not the kids fighting, crying and little footsteps at our door spying on mummy asleep! While the last part is very cute – it kind of defeats the purpose!
For the house to be clean as if by magic!
Pass is the Golden Pages- we’re looking for the number for the Cleaning Fairies!
We imagine days where the dishwasher would be empty, what it could be like to see the bottom of a laundry basket, and all of the toys to transport themselves up off the ground!
A Day off from everything
How wonderful would a whole entire day of not lifting a finger be- except to pop chocolate or cake in our delicate little mouths?
A long bath
Small people are not welcome in the bathroom while we make our bodies prune – like and not a squeaky rubber duck or bath toy in sight. Candles and bubble bath are most welcome though!
Cake... we love cake
No more information is required here!
We adore them. They make us smile and cheer up the whole room. Hand picked flowers by the kids are the best!
Priceless works of art
We love our kid's art work and homemade gifts - especially when it is specially made for us especially. Check out our blog with great ideas and inspiration here
A playlist of our favourite music!
Gather together our favourite tunes - the ones we dance to when tipsy!
Gotta love a family photo. It doesn’t have to be professional – one’s from the phone are perfect and a collage is even better.
Mum's night out
We love a girlie night out- a night to chat, gossip and dance. A free pass for a ladies night out will go down a treat!

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