Warning: Do you know the dangers of covering your child's pram with a blanket?

It is something that a lot of parents do without being aware of the consequences

As the temperatures are rising parents are warned of the risks of covering a pram or pushchair with a thin blanket or scarf to protect their children from the sun.
Many parents are not aware of the risks of covering over their babies cot or buggy with a blanket to try to provide shade. The cover would restrict the air circulation  for babies and it would become dangerously hot very quickly.
According to Svante Norgren, who is a  paediatrician at the Astrid Lindgren children's hospital in Stockholm while speak to Svenska Dagbladet newspaper: "It gets extremely hot down in the pram, something like a thermos.
Results of an experiment carried out by the paper found that a covered pram left out on a warm day (approx. 22 degrees) rose quickly to 34 degrees within a space of a half an hour and 37 degrees after an hour. This would greatly increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. 

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