Want To Keep Your Kids Artwork But Don't Have The Room? Read On...

You don't always have to stick it to your fridge, you know! 

Ok we get it - they seem to make something new in playschool every other day, and don't get us started on all their Friday art classes in school! 
We seem to conjure up hundreds upon hundreds of white sheets of paper with some sort of masterpiece in the centre. 
It creates a small dilemma for us though - what do we do with it all?
Surely we can't throw out our kids' most precious art that they specifically made for us?
We have you sorted - neat, tidy, and kept safe forever, check out these ideas below...
  • Artist Portrait - frame pieces of artwork alongside portraits of the artist in question
  • DIY Shirt - print the art on a t-shirt or jeans and they'll have it forever
  • Book - Make a 'masterpiece' book out of all art
  • Clip shelf - make a clip shelf with just a small amount of wire and place in your favourite room in the house
  • Gallery space - paint your own gallery space in your house (playroom perhaps) and make sure they keep all their artwork within that space
  • Grids - make a grid of the artwork so that it becomes aesthetically pleasing instead of messy
  • Toys - tun the artwork into a toy such as a small teddy
  • Placemats - you can also turn the artwork into placemats for the dinner table
  • Photobook - make a full photobook with all painted or drawn pieces
  • Key Chain - create a key chain out of the shapes
  • Canvas - have them printed on canvas so you can hang it around the house

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