Top 5 Tips to Keep the Kids Cool at Night

While the higher temperatures make a welcome debut they do little to lull our kids off to sleep.

While the higher temperatures make a welcome debut for us sun-starved Irish, steamy nights and baking hot bedrooms do little to lull our kids off to the dreamy land of nod! 
Here are our tips for keeping the kids cool and comfortable in bed.
These are great if you are travelling to a warm country for holidays too!
  • Open windows – and doors – to create a draught the room. Just be careful that the windows are safe. In our house, we have baby window locks that are designed to allow the window to be opened only to a certain point and still let in some air.
  • Lose the duvet and blankets and just use a cotton sheet. If you are going somewhere really hot– try wrapping the sheet in plastic and popping them in the fridge for an hour before bedtime. If there's not enough room for the sheet, put their pillow case in the fridge before bed. (I'm not suggesting sheets for young babies- a light cell blanket is best for young children)
  • Cool shower. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer night than a deliciously cool shower or bath before bed. 
  • Fill a hot water bottle with ice cold water. You could even place it in the freezer. Hey Presto- a bedtime ice pack!
  • Invest in an electric fan-  and place it at an open window to blow the hot air out. (See note about window locks above)
Hopefully these will help the family through any sweaty nights of tossing and turning ahead, and these options will help you all get a restful eight hours sleep.


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