Tips to Keep The Santa Secret a Secret!

Because everyone deserves to enjoy the magic as long as possible.

13 Ways To Keep Santa Real For Your Kids
  • Don't even volunteer to play Santa at school/creche or at any family events. Kids know their parent even with the disguise of the whole white wig and beard.
  • Shop solo -There’s a temptation to try to be sneaky and throw a gift or two into the trolley when you’re out with the kids. Don't! If they notice what you’re doing and later see that it's from Santa, the game is up!
  • Figure out a really good hiding place to stash their gifts or store them off site (in work or at their grandparents house). 
  • Have Santa leave them a present that you would never ever purchase. It throws even the most curious child off the scent. Then make a big deal out of it saying - WOW - mum and dad would never have bought that for you- lucky you getting it from Santa!
  • If you wrap your Santa presents (not everyone does) be sure to wrap them in different paper than any of the others. If you use the same paper as you do for other gifts it can raise suspicion as to "how come Santa uses the same paper as you mum?"
  • Make sure Santa’s handwriting is different than yours. Try writing any notes with your opposite hand or in italics?
  • Excited kids can be restless on Christmas Eve. Make 100% certain they are really asleep before you leave out their presents... Also it's good to have a backup plan if they do wake up!
  • Don't forget to eat the treats your kids have left out for Santa. Chomp on the biscuits and take a big huge sip out of the glass of milk. Don't tidy them up and put them away by mistake. They need to see the evidence.
  • Shake a little soot from the chimney and leave a few boot marks (if you have a chimney)
  • Sprinkle red glitter on the front porch (from his suit)
  • Be careful with your conversations in the house over Christmas. It’s all too easy to say something in front of the children that implies Santa isn’t real. Keep stum and don't whisper about him either - that's really obvious.
  • If they ask you if he is real- ask them what they think. This will allow you to see where your kids are both intellectually and emotionally. Most of them time they just want reassurance that Santa is real, and aren’t yet ready to accept the truth.
  • And, if they still figures it all out, ask them to be your elf and assist in keeping the magic alive for younger siblings and kids.
When your kids eventually learn the truth about Santa they may be disappointed, but if you’ve kept the focus of what Christmas is really all about and on the things that are important - like family, friends, traditions and faith - they will continue to find Christmas (and Santa) every bit as special as before.

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