Things you do differently on your second child.

The differences between parenting your first child and your second!

When you are expecting your first child you will read loads about labour and the first few months of your baby’s life... You will become an expert in parenting as you will read about the best ways to care for your child and how to be a good parent. However once you are expecting another you might take a more laid back approach and feel a lot more confident in yourself and your abilities as a parent without over analysing everything as you did on your first child. Practice makes perfect they say, and here are a few things parents will do differently on their second child.
  • Dummy worries- On your first child you didn’t want to give your little one a dummy and you lasted for about two days without one, though now on your second you have the dummy ready! Sure if it keeps them quiet and it gives you some extra sleep who are you to condemn it?
  • Sniffles and coughs- If your first born had as much as a sniffle they were brought to the Doctor only for you to be told that it was a cold and your tiny one would be fine in a day or two. Now though you get it, and your newly born baby isn’t going to need a Doctor unless there is something really wrong. Babies will snot and sneeze and you realise it is all part and parcel of baby rearing.
  • Cleanliness- Before you let your first born into your home, you made sure that your partner deeply sanitised the house and you made sure both of you washed your hands every couple of minutes. With the second bundle you have a tot already around who is fairly messy and dirties up the house while you clean. A less strict approach to cleaning is adhered to now and a bit of dust never hurt anyone, and who wants a house that smells of sterilising fluid anyway?
  • Memories and mementos- The first had their own diary from the moment you became pregnant and from there on it till they reached a year old. With the second it is easily forgotten as the madness of having two kids is a full time job, so every couple of weeks you will hit your second child’s book and try to remember when they smiled for the first time or babbled!
  • T.V and entertainment- Your first born had to watch intelligent television (if any television at all) and you played classical music all over the house however with a second bundle they just watch what the first born is watching and as for classical music you can’t hear it with the racket your first born is making!
  • Gadgets and gizmos- Every single gadget had to be got for your first born and he needed about six different types of chairs, bouncers, swings, high chairs to name a few. On your second they don’t need all the fancy extra the basic necessities will do as they would have done on the first born anyway!
  • Babysitters- When you had your first bundle you hated leaving him and actually turned down offers of babysitting for fear of missing him. On the second you're so much for relaxed leaving them both, as my goodness does Mammy and Daddy need a break and a good night’s sleep!
Enjoy your second born and of course your first born.
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