Things parents should never apologise for.

It can seem like parents are literally hung out to dry if they say they are doing something that divides opinion

Parents can have it tough these days with every other person judging their decisions and choices... It can seem like parents are literally hung out to dry if they say they are doing something that divides opinion, however most of the time you shouldn’t apologise for it. With this in mind here are a few things parents should never apologise for and accept that being their child’s parent means they get to make the decisions!
  • Breast or bottle feeding- Why should any woman feel uncomfortable feeding her baby whether it be from her breast or from a bottle? Everyone does what they like because quite frankly it is no one else’s business and yes we know all about the health benefits and the facts, but at the end of the day this is every mother’s personal decision-end of!
  • Enjoying kids TV shows- So you admit you enjoy sitting down and watching a kid TV show with your kids? Big deal, isn’t it great that you and your child can enjoy it together rather than leaving your little one alone to watch it? It is nice to have a common interest and so what if it happens to be a show aimed at 5 year olds, it is funny and entertaining so watch away to your heart’s content.
  • Temper tantrums- Your kid is having a major meltdown at the sweets and biscuits aisle and you are technically holding up the passers by going about their shopping business. Though there is no need for disapproving looks from other parents and people of the older generation, have you guys honestly never had a kid who has had a very public tantrum? Of course they have so just move along there and stop gawping at my kiddie gripping the wagon wheels!
  • For being tired- Your friend wants you to meet up and have a meal but you are too exhausted to put on proper clothes and makeup to make yourself look appealing! Put it on the long finger and don’t apologise for being tired, every parent suffers and good friends will understand and if they don’t - tough!
  • Letting your kid use electronic devices- It is not like you let your kiddie use technology from the morning till night, but now and again if you want to have a coffee in peace or get something done, you will pass your phone to your child. It means you can be refreshed which means you can be a better parent after and have fun with the them then.
  • Lying- Every parent has to tell little white lies from time to time, because sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for a trip to the park so sorry kiddo it is closed! And yes you may have told your nipper that the chocolate bar disappeared but actually you ate it! It is purely in their own interests for you to fib!
  • Parent me time- Don’t be ashamed because if you don’t get to the gym twice a week you will lose your cool or that you have to go to book club to keep you sane. It is important to have me time, and having kids doesn’t mean you have to forget yourself, so for all the “isn’t it well for you?” remarks bat them away with a “Yes it is!”
Stop apologising for doing things others may not agree with and enjoy the ride - and stop worrying about the kinks in the road.

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