Things only a parent will understand!

Does anyone notice how much we change when we become parents?

Does anyone notice how much we change when we become parents?
I was out recently with friends (some have kids and some don’t) and while I try not to go on about our children it is really hard when they are such a huge part of my life.
I bet if you were an outsider watching our group nattering you could tell who had kids and who didn’t! The mobiles were been passed around showing our respective kid pictures and the Dads too were taking part boasting about coaching the football team and how their little one was a footie genius! I’m sure our friends with no kids were bored stiff (even though they showed interest) and once it hit 11pm the parents all made their reasons for departure; “babysitters waiting” and “I’m up to coach in the morning” leaving our non-parents friends there to continue their night as they were only getting started anyway!
There really is some things that only parents understand and here are a few:
#1 As a parent you will be constantly exhausted and will never sleep like you did pre kids again!
There will be no uninterrupted lie in’s or lazy afternoons in bed, if you try to sleep they will pick at your nose or jump on you to get you up! Somestimes to avoid injury, it's best to just get up when they call!
#2 Children love to surprise you whether it is playing peek a boo or weeing on you while changing their nappy!
It is all part of the fun. They especially love leaving surprises in their nappy for you, and they will be rather proud to tell you “I pooped”!
#3 They are messy little people and we know to never ever leave them alone in a bathroom.
There is a huge array of products to spill! It only takes a few minutes for destruction to happen! Toilet roll rolled out along the floor, toothpaste squeezed out in fancy designs and shampoo on the toilet seat.
#4 Parents may forget about having clean walls
Between chocolate hands and colourful art - it's a masterpiece! It doesn’t matter how much paper you have bought them, it is more fun to decorate the beautifully painted walls! We accept it and move on (and buy washable colours!)
#5 Eating can be hazardous when a child is learning to eat by themselves.
It will get in the hair, the ears and sometimes it may even get flung at you! We got a dog and he now hoovers up the mess (it's a win/win). I just needed to remind my youngest that when we are out - there is no dog to eat up the mess.  He threw toast and beans on the floor in a coffee shop waiting for the doggie to clean up!
#6 Kids can wreck things!
My daughter thought nothing of running over my new laptop with her buggy smashing it to pieces! She just kept running along and said “sorry”! Anything that isn’t tied down is a new potential toy: I can vouch that it isn’t easy trying to get your mobile out from behind a radiator- she thought it was “funny” watching me look around for my phone! Thank goodness my mum rang to reveal it's hiding place!
#7 Children are expensive.
The shopping trolley will be piled high weekly! A toddler can cover miles in a supermarket picking up items and stuffing them into the trolley without you knowing!
#8 Everyone will have an opinion on your parenting skills- they are all experts
You will have to learn to have a thick skin and take it like a pinch of salt! This parenting lark is on the job training and there is no manual so do as you feel best.
#9 Overall you will never be the same again, but in the best possible way!
Yes kids may wreck your house but they will make you belly laugh all the way! Parenting is full of irony too- for example kids will stick food in their hair but once they have had a bath! But no one will ever make you happier than your children will, so we embrace it wholeheartedly.
Enjoy every minute! x

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