Things I wish I knew before I had a baby.

One of our mums gives her list of things she now tells all her expectant mum pals

When you are expecting ...everyone tells you the glorious stories of how amazing the experience will be and how it will change your life forever. I can’t argue that these points are true but when I had my first child I felt totally unprepared, it was like people had hidden things from me! Now whenever I hear a pregnancy announcement from my friends or family, I make sure they know the finer details! It is best to be prepared right? Have a read and see what you think.
  • You are going to be really sore after giving birth, yes I know you have probably figured that out but it will be rather uncomfortable for a time. Sitting might be difficult so there might be a lot of standing at first.
  • I hate to be gross but you will bleed for a few weeks (it can range in time). No one told me this vital piece of information and I came to the conclusion that I was gravely ill (obviously not!).
  • You won’t sleep properly again. While baby sleeps they say you should sleep but that will be impossible. You may spend hours watching your new born to make sure they ok and then when they are awake you are tired! It is a nasty cycle but listen when they are teenagers they love sleep, it won’t be long- time flies and all that. 
  • Babies while adorable and cute they can squeal to their hearts content for ages and even hours. Sometimes you will have done all the checks (nappies and feeding) and they still will be cranky! Then your darling will scream because they are tired, so they need to sleep but they are now too tired to go asleep. You see where I am going with this?
  • Most new Mammy’s get baby brain and forget things. This is quite normal and nothing to be worried about. You will definitely make mistakes and learn as you go. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, this is a tough time allow a settling in period like in any new job.
  • Once again no one told me they vomit so much, and how many times I had to change clothes as I got up the “burpies” up. 
  • I didn’t know I would be scared for my child and that I would feel so many emotions in caring for my nipper. If your new born feels off you will feel off and if they are crying you will feel completely helpless and pain for them. You worry all the time- everyday- 24hours a day, no matter where they are in the world you will always worry. There is a lot of worrying.
  • The work load never ends at home, there is always laundry to do and bits to be picked up. The dishes pile up and little socks have to be sorted through (which in itself is a tricky job). You will always have someone to cook for and you will never be able to stay in bed all day again ever!
While this picture isn’t exactly pretty, we Mammy’s all do it because the love we have for our children is pure and unconditional. It doesn’t matter if I never sleep again soundly or worry for them every day, I’m their Mam and I will do it forever. Just like you, you will do it too forever.
We will love them forever and ever and ever!

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