These Are The Things Our Kids Will Remember About Us When They Grow Up

You might not think much about it at the time, but it is astonishing what they can remember. 

You might not think much about it at the time, but it is astonishing what or kids can remember when they get that little bit older. 
Things you had thought you kept under wraps or those little uphill battles you faced you once thought they never knew about. 
Our kids are pretty good at picking up on tension, or better yet, excellent at sensing a good mood. 
Here is a list of some things our kids will remember about us, when they're that little bit older...
  • The experiences - our kids will remember the fun family moments more so than anything else. That toy you bought? In comparison to that trip to the beach in the rain, it pales. 
  • The time you put your phone down - our kids will remember the time you put the phone down and listened, or helped or just observed. Your emails can wait. 
  • Positivity - our kids can be quite negative at times, like when they consistenly complain about cleaning their room or emptying the dishwasher, but the words of encouragement you part with them, they'll hold onto that. 
  • Tough situations - how you handle tough situations will stick with them; how you made them feel safe and protected during the most difficult of times. 
  • Absence - unfortunately, our kids will also remember the times we weren't there when they needed us, and considering we're all human, this will happen at least once for every parent. 
  • Pressure - How we act under pressure or stress can impact our kids and this is something our kids will inevitably pick up on over time. 

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